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A TV Guide of Television Mash-Ups

Top Chef + Hannibal = WHAT?!

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New television shows always seem to be different variations on the same premises. But what if we reimagine primetime by mathematically mashing up some fan-favorites? The result: a whole new television line-up of original-ish programming.

What could possibly go wrong?

Hannibal + Top Chef = Hell's Kitchen

NBC / Bravo / FOX

Cheftestants engage in a battle to the death in this cutting-edge reality competition show. Host Hannibal Lector presents chefs each week with a new mystery ingredient that they carve, mince, and singe into culinary creations. Each week, there are Too Many Cooks, and one chef is Chopped.

Past guest judges include Special Agent Will Graham and BSU Agent-in-Charge Jack Crawford - who are also investigating the disappearances of several former Hell's Kitchen contestants.

Hell's Kitchen returns after two season in Baltimore with its first international competition in Florence, Italy.

American Dad + 16 and Pregnant =American Horror Story


An anthology reality tv series, each new season of American Horror Story follows a new father who discovers that he is, in fact, a new grandfather. These Family Guys comes to terms with their daughters being Pretty Little Liars... and perhaps need to stop them before it's 17 Kids and Counting.

Each dynamic season, a new Secret Life of the American Teenager is revealed... and the horrors of Parenthood begin.

2 Broke Girls + Kate Plus 8 + Warehouse 13 +Are You the One? = 24

CBS / TLC / Syfy / MTV / FOX

Kate (Kate Gosselin), destitute after Jon leaves, becomes the New Girl in town. She, along with her eight children, moves in with high school friend Max (Kat Dennings). The two accidentally bump into a mysterious Supernatural matchmaker (Ryan Devlin) who needs their help to track down an alien artifact that if in the wrong hands could bring about the end of the world. Caught in a love trapezoid with Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), Kate races against time to discover the artifact and discover herself.

Will Kate ever find love? Will they find the artifact? Will they pay the rent? Will they stop the terrorists? And who is watching the kids?!

Sherlock + Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? = Elementary


In a reimagining of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic stories, pediatrician Jane Watson (Lucy Liu) meets 10-year-old Sherlock Holmes (Chandler Riggs, voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch), when he is rushed to the E.R. after witnessing a brutal attack. The young Holmes is a crime-solving genius, but he needs Watson's help in order to get the police to listen. Together, they must piece together the clues and stop Ms. Moriarty (Natalie Dormer) from taking over the school.

In the Pilot episode, "Two and a Half Men", Holmes and Watson meet and investigate the murders of a set of identical triplets.

Bill Nye the Science Guy + Desperate Housewives =The Big Bang Theory


This unapologetic mini-series dramatizes the life of Bill Nye. While history has remembered Nye as a family man, American Idol, and "science guy", the truth of Nye's celebrity life is revealed, riddled with sex Scandals, drugs, and chemistry. As tensions rise and the heat turns on, Nye needs to wrestle with the laws of thermodynamics.

An all-star cast includes Matt Smith as Bill Nye, Jessica Chastain as his wife Blair Tindall, and Jon Hamm as creationist Ken Ham.

Glee + Dexter = The Sopranos

FOX / Showtime / HBO

The Freaks and Geeks of William McKinley High School are all grown up and ready to fight. Ryan Murphy's genre-defying new series follows the lives of the Mad Men and women who decide to throw caution to the wind and join the musical and deadly underworld of gangs of New York City. Step aside Jets and Sharks, there's a new group in town: The Sopranos. Starring Lea Michele, Idina Menzel, and the cast of Orange is the New Black.

House, M.D. + House Hunters = Survivor


House, M.D. (Hugh Laurie) has made some enemies over the years at Princeton Plainsboro - and now they are coming for Revenge. After receiving strange threats - "I want stainless steal", "Do you have a man cave?", "What if we paint you red?" - House flees across the country. Hitting the road on his motorcycle with his best friend, Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), House begins an Amazing Race against the clock. He is left to wonder: who are these mysterious agents? And why are they hunting him?

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