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    Transform An Old Pillow Into An Incredibly Useful Lap Desk

    Lap it up.

    What you need:

    *11x15 Float frame (or larger depending on size of laptop):

    *A printed image of your choice.

    *Old/Cheap pillow

    *Printed fabric


    *Satin ribbon

    *Glue gun and glue sticks


    Cut the edge of an old or cheap pillow. Take out the filling about halfway, and fold the empty part of the case to the center and pin down with safety pins.

    Cover the pillowcase with the fabric of your choice. Make sure the pillow is at the center.

    Tuck the edges in, then flip over. Fold the fabric in neatly into the center.

    The frame: Insert an 11x15 image of your choice in between the glass sheets.

    Take the inner frame out and place on top of the pillow.

    Open the fabric out and tighten.

    Push the inner frame into the rest of the frame, then close the clasps over the fabric.

    Roll the excess fabric until it reaches the edge of the frame.

    Cut the sides into 6 strips, then braid them into two strands. Take the two braided pieces, fold them in half and tie them with a ribbon. Hot glue the end of the ribbon in place.


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