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Track Your Summer Bucket List With The Cutest Display

Now you have to do them!

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What you need:

*15" Half wooden crate (2)

*Trinkets/miniatures/souvenirs (From everywhere!)

*Ivory spray paint

*Wood glue

*Glue gun & glue

*Foam board


*Miniature Terracotta Pots

*Coffee stirrer

*X-acto knife


*Colored markers

*Colored pencils

*Fine liner pen

*Fine gravel


Apply wood glue to the top of one crate, on its side. Place the second crate on top, let set for 2 hours.

Paint the boxes with ivory spray paint. Let dry for at least 30 minutes.

Using a ruler and x-acto knife, cut out 0.5" by 1.5" pieces of foam board and cut one side to a point to make a picket shape.

Draw a few small spots on the piece, using the brown marker. Draw horizontal lines across, avoiding the spots. This will look like wood grain. Fill in with brown color pencil.

On the 'wooden' picket, use the fine liner pen to write something you'd like to do.

Hot glue the picket onto the coffee stirrer. Cut the stirrer at 2".

Tape the bottom of the terra-cotta pot, fill with gravel. Hot glue the terra-cotta pot onto the crate, 5 on each level.

Place each signposts in the pots. Place into the pot any accents, decorations, souvenirs that either represent that activity or souvenirs that commemorate the event.


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