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    Posted on Oct 21, 2016

    These DIY Potion Bottles Are Perfect Spooky Halloween Decor

    Double trouble, boil and bubble...

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    Funky Glitter Potion


    Empty glass bottle


    Corn syrup

    Food coloring

    Halloween ornament

    Craft wire
    LED string lights

    Hot glue


    Fine glitter


    1. In a bowl, mix in a few drops of food coloring and glitter to your preference

    2. Pour into a glass bottle using a funnel.

    3. Hot glue an ornament to the opening.

    4. Twist wire around the neck for added decoration. You can also wrap the bottle in LED string lights for even more sparkle!

    Creepy Potion Bottle


    Empty pill bottles

    Black spray paint
    Metallic acrylic paint

    Wooden knob




    1. Peel the label from the pill bottle.

    2. Write a spooky label on the bottle using a marker or pen.

    3. Outline the lettering with hot glue.

    4. Spray paint black.

    5. Brush over details with metallic paint.

    6. Glue twine around neck of the pill bottle.

    7. Paint wooden knob black, then repeat with metallic paint.

    Classy Chalk Bottles


    Empty plastic or glass bottles

    Black chalkboard spray paint
    Chalkboard marker


    1. Spray paint glass and plastic bottles with black chalkboard spray paint.

    2. Draw labels onto the bottles using a chalkboard marker.

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