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    Make Your Own Stamps And Never Stop Stamping

    Stamp into your life.


    Get everything you need here!
    · Foam sheets

    · Wooden dowel

    · Multi-saw

    · Clamp-on vise

    · Felt pen

    · Sanding sponge

    · X-acto knife

    · Spray glue

    · Acrylic paint

    · Paint brushes


    1. Using a multi-saw, cut a wooden dowel into short pieces of varying length.Sand the pieces down to smooth edges.

    2. Draw a shape on the foam sheet and cut out using a craft knife. Spray one side of the foam shape with spray glue and attach to the end of one of the dowel pieces.

    3. Paint the shaft of the dowels with acrylic paint.

    4. Use a felt pen to draw the shape of the stamp on the end.

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