4 Black Women SNL’s Kenan Thompson Should Meet

Longtime SNL cast member Kenan Thompson recently said that more black female comedians aren’t cast on SNL because, “in auditions…they just never find ones that are ready.” Kenan, I’ve got great news for you. There are ones that are ready! Lots of ones. As a comedy writer/director in the sketch and improv community that SNL draws many of their cast members from, I’ve worked with these ones. And there are ones and ones of them. Here’s just some.


Second City Detroit alum. Second City Chicago Mainstage alum. MTV’s Wild N’ Out cast member. Currently appearing in CW’s Whose Line is it Anyway. One time she was invited to do improv with Oprah on the Oprah show.

That’s almost like doing improv with God.

If Oprah thinks you are ready, then girl, you are ready. Just ask Barack Obama. SHE GOT HIM ELECTED PRESIDENT.

Speaking of Barack Obama, Nyima Funk even hangs out with the Obamas.

Funny. Ready. Look!


Second City Chicago Mainstage Alum. Boom Chicago Alum. One time, while playing Pearl in an improvised parody of 227, she danced from one side of the stage to the other in a housedress. I saw this with my own eyes. It was hilarous. She is ready. She is funny. Look!


Funny. Sexy. One of the most accomplished performers in the all of Chicago’s legendary sketch and improv scene. Name it, she’s done it. Sexy. Ready. Sexy.

Did I mention sexy? Don’t take it from me. Even mean white racists think so. Look!

4. Diona Reasonover

I ain’t even gonna say anything about Diona. Just look at this. Oh, it’s probably NSFW or whatever.

Then look at these characters and impressions.

Kenan, I hope these talented performers have changed your mind!

For more incredibly talented women who are ready, google Holly Walker, Robin Thede, Inda Craig-Galvan, Christina Anthony, Danielle Gaither, Cheri Vanden Heuvel, Angela Shelton, Frances Callier, and many more….

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