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7 Dramatic Responces To PSN Going Down

PSN was alledgey hacked on Christmas Day, these are some of the most dramatic reponses I've seen.

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1. You realise you have a girlfriend...

Since #psn went down I've had to talk to my girlfriend.She seems nice. #psndown

β€” Carlos (@RagingElmo) December 27, 2014

2. You try your hand at humor (and fail)...

Playstation Network? More like Playstation Notwork. #PSNDown ✊😑

β€” LUIS ENRIQUE (@LuiEPR) December 25, 2014

3. You turn into a gangster...

PSN still down .. Suppose it will have to be beer,cigars and hookers instead of destiny 😫😫#Destiny #psndown

β€” Steve O (@journeymansteve) December 25, 2014

4. You turn to the harder stuff...

No PSN yet, I'll resort to this #psn #psndownβ€” bridget (@bridgetriseley) December 27, 2014

No PSN yet, I'll resort to this #psn #psndown

β€” bridget (@bridgetriseley) December 27, 2014

5. You blame it on film stars...

#psndown Fuck Seth Rogen and James Franco. Always gotta be edgey. Dicks.

β€” Clammy Hammy (@Clammy_Hammy) December 24, 2014

6. You travel 33 years into the future and still think the 'hackers' are to blame...

The year is 2047 and PSN is still down #psndown

β€” Laura Blackshaw (@laura_blackshaw) December 27, 2014

7. You resort to trying to get your dog to fix it...

Even Maggie is trying to nurse the PS4 back to health 😭😭😭 #psn #psndownβ€” NoahJ456 (@NoahJ456) December 27, 2014

Even Maggie is trying to nurse the PS4 back to health 😭😭😭 #psn #psndown

β€” NoahJ456 (@NoahJ456) December 27, 2014

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