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12 Man Crushes You Had In 2014

2014 was definetly a good year for men, here's some of my favourite man crushes I had this year.

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11. Benedict Cumberbatch

ABC News / Via

Sherlock pretty much won TV this year, and Cumberbatch was the main reasons. A man who is can play any role and still make us fall to our knees loving him as well as making us hate ourselves for not liking the evil character.

...and just look at that stare!

9. Daniel Radcliffe

Sharp For Men / Via

Harry Potter is now 25, and boy has he matured well... What got me this year however was that I learnt he could rap when he appeared on the Tonight Show.

A wizard and a rapper, I'll take two please.

8. Zac Efron

Hollywood Life / Via

Now if I had started making this list back from when I was 14, this guy would have made it on it every year. What's not to love about him, what topped it off this year was when he played a frat president in Bad Neighbours.

If you didn't see him in those track pants your year isn't complete yet.

4. Laurence Hulse

@laurencegeorgehulse / Via

Yes, I bought a Warwick Rowers calendar this year and I'm not ashamed to admit it's hanging on my bedroom door. Laurence is the poster boy of the calendar this year. This guy is hot, smart (he's studying politics at Warwick) and he's fighting against homopobia in sports.

2. James Franco

@jamesfrancotv / Via

The acclaimed 'King of Selifies' was talked about a lot this year. He beat's his little bro, becuase he just doesn't care. Swiping right too much got him into trouble, but we were all secreatly hoping he'd come across us whilest Tindering.

Who can't be in love with such a bad boy that North Korea is hating on.

1. Ansel Elgort

@anselelgort / Via

The Fault In Our Stars made me blubber like anything and this guy was the reason. He's fit, his body is amazing, he has an incredible smile and generally he's just such a nice guy.

I don't really know what else you could want in a man...

Did you have any man crushes of your own this year that I missed? Drop a comment below...

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