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5 Ways To Get Back At Someone Who Posts An Ugly Photo Of You

We've all been there. Take a photo with someone, and inevitably you take a bad photo. Your friend posts it anyway because and I quote "I look good in it." Well here's a few ways to even the score.

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5. Go the Diplomatic Route

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You can beg and plead. Ask them really nicely to take that photo down. Worst case scenario, they say no. Which means they really aren't a friend. Proceed to step 4.

3. An Eye for an Eye

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I'm old school. Once you have exhausted all options, find the ugliest photo of them with you in it, and post that sumbitch. You know you have saved one, for such an instance as this.

1. Last Resort


Ugh, you've went through the other steps and your friend still won't budge? Well, the only thing left to do is burn their house down. Won't get the picture off the internet, but at least you'll feel good about yourself.

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