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33 Baby Hand Signs You Should Be Aware Of

After this 6 month old baby threw some threatening gang signs at me during lunch the other day, I decided to investigate what they meant. I know that they've created an elaborate series of hand signals. Here are 33 of the most troubling ones you should be worried about.

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19. The Hey, Look over there.


This move can only be executed by cute babies. You almost don't even notice the fist. Just the big eyes, and the point. You won't even see the fist coming.

18. The Scalper


Like those weird dudes selling stuff at concerts or sports games. This gesture lets other babies know how many jars of top shelf baby food he has for sale.

Notice how close he keeps his hand to his chest.

15. The Oh No You Didn't


Usually seen after a game of peek-a-boo or when you take a babies nose. Hiding in plain sight? Taking what doesn't belong to you? Yeah, sorry. This is the end for you.

7. The Four


This one is trick. It can mean I have four ways to cry or you have four seconds to get on up outta my face. It's like a choose your own adventure book, but for babies.

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