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10 Artists That Are Technically One Hit Wonders

Some of our favorite musicians have impacted our headphones, but not so much the music charts. Technically a one hit wonder is a musician who has only had one song in the top 40, and these artists have only had one single crack the top 40.

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2. Janelle Monáe


Janelle Monáe is AMAZING. The Electric Lady and The ArchAndroid are great albums, but unfortunately non of their singles charted on the Billboard Hot 100. She did have a number one single in 2012 though when she was featured in fun.’s “We Are Young”. Janelle is so talented though, so she will be back in the Hot 100 soon. My pick of song would be "Primetime feat. Miguel"

3. Blink-182

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Blink-182’s album “Enema of the State” was the first album I ever bought, and I still think they’re awesome. Blink-182’s only single to crack the top 40 was “All The Small Things” in 2000. Blink-182 still continues to put on a great show I saw them back in 2010

4. Mandy Moore


Mandy is a great actress and singer. She even has a Grammy award for “I See The Light” from the movie Tangled. Mandy’s only single to chart within the top 40 is 2000’s “I Wanna Be With You”. She still releases music and we are still happily listening!

5. Moby


Moby just recently released his new album "Innocents" in October, but Moby's highest charting single was 2001's "South Side feat. Gwen Stefani", and it peaked at No. 14. I'm still scorned from the image of Gwen Stefani licking Moby's head in the music video.


6. Norah Jones


Norah Jones has sold over 40 millions albums worldwide, has received multiple Grammy awards, and critical acclaim. It’ s a shame that her highest charting single was 2003’s “Don’t Know Why” peaking at No. 30. Don’t worry though Norah still puts out fantastic music!

7. Florence + The Machine

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The English indie rock band’s highest charting single was 2010’s “Dog Days Are Over”, but they have been nominated for several Grammys and sold a ton of albums in the past year, and I bet they’ll be back on in the top 40 soon. Florence Welch has an incomparable voice, and this is probably why DJ Calvin Harris chose her for his hit single “Sweet Nothing” last year.

*plays Florence + The Machine on iTunes now because typing about her voice made me NEED to hear it*

**cries after hearing song**

8. Amy Winehouse

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Amy Winehouse’s only top 40 single was her 2007 hit “Rehab” that peaked at No. 9. We still can hear her beautiful music anytime though. It's a shame that her other songs like "Tears Dry On Their Own" and "Back To Black" did not chart high as well.

10. Jennifer Hudson

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Jennifer Hudson has a Grammy, Golden Globe, and an Oscar,so there is no doubt that this woman is extremely talented. She is reportedly working on her third album now! Right now her most successful single was her fantastic 2008 “Spotlight” which charted at No. 24.

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