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      In answer to their questions:
      1) Yes, with facts. 2) No. If there is a divine Creator, why be afraid? If it could create the Universe, he/she/it would not have petty thoughts like humans. 3) Yes. Logic is what science is based on. 4) Not at all! Key in the wording of the Second Law is the word “evolves”. 5) Is she serious? The Earth turns, the sun is basically in stasis. It “rises” in the east and “sets” in the West. 6) The Laws of Thermodynamics do NOT dispute the Big Bang, they reinforce that it’s what MUST have happened. 7) Metaphysical philosophy. Things that are thought to exist but cannot be proven. 8) The very nature of science is objectivity (non-Capitalistic). It is required to attain proof. 9) Objectively, yes. (See: scientific explanation of life origin.) 10) Certainly a possibility but that’s all it is. Magic! Wait, that would be of the Devil. 11) Why does he lump all those variant people into one category? None of the people in those group that I know embrace intelligent design from aliens! 12) I give her a partial on this one. She is, however, basing her supposition on human remains. There are many complete links for other species. 13) Yes! Spontaneous evolution (in relative terms). 14) It’s not taught as fact. What part of the THEORY of Evolution doesn’t he understand? That’s why it’s still called a theory in every classroom across ‘merku. The theory is based in logic and in the realm of statistical probabilities, it is highly probable. 15) She shows her complete ignorance. def. of Science - noun 1.”the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.” It says nothing about theory although that is one of its building blocks. 16) Ignorant on so many levels. First, the word is “evinces”, not “evidences”. Evidences has a different meaning and use. Second, gene duplication plays a major role in evolution. The question is inane. 17) We make our own purpose. There is no inherent purpose to life. Life is life. We give it meaning. That is all. Why must life have purpose? Because you are uncomfortable with not being special. Ego based belief. Salvation is what they do for wrecked ships. 18) I guess he didn’t read his textbooks (those nasty humanist things). Lucy is far from the only one! 19) Technically, I agree with him. Since the Big Bang is not a fact in strict terms, I have to believe in it and thus have faith that it is true. His is the only valid question I see here. 20) It’s even more amazing if it happened by chance. Now THAT’S not only amazing but awe-inspiring as well! 21) It wasn’t a star. It was a point of almost infinite density and to be fair, we don’t know where or when it came from. That’s why it’s still considered a theory and therefor is still evolving. Science’s whole purpose is to uncover facts, not accept belief. 22) This is simply a stupid/ignorant question. Because they don’t have the proper environmental stress that leads to the genetic mutation required of evolution. That’s akin to saying, “If white roses come from red roses, why are there still red roses?” I don’t completely dismiss the POSSIBILITY of Creationism, it simply doesn’t fit into my sense of logic or burden of proof. If it was all made by a higher being, what’s to say that the higher being didn’t invent evolution and just let it play out? The ego and arrogance of humans is amazing, especially when veiled behind religious belief!
      Trusting science does not necessarily negate belief in God.

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