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31 Things Only Ross Students Will Understand

The little things we all encounter that remind you that you went to a Caribbean medical school.

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1. Dominica- NOT the Dominican Republic

Every time someone asks where you go to school you have to open up Google maps and explain that Dominica is not the same thing as the Dominican Republic. Every. Single. Time.

2. And Getting There Is Just An All Around Terrible Experience

You cringe at the thought of flying with them. They've lost your bags multiple times, forgot to send a plane big enough to seat all of their passengers, and may have ran out of fuel mid flight and had to turn back around. LIAT- because your Luggage Is Always Tardy.

3. But We Do Have Some Beautiful Sunsets

Possibly one of the few things you'll miss about the island. And you're leaving just in time because I think your friends are starting to catch on that all of your instagram sunsets look awfully similar...


13. But Definitely Not Gonna Miss These Things

These primeval creatures have existed for about four-hundred-million years...and some can be highly venomous. And you just saw one in your apartment? No worries. You probably didn't feel like getting any sleep tonight anyway.

14. Okay, Calm Your Nerves With A Refreshing Beer

Refreshing is a relative term. But you're not a stranger to a different variety of beverages when you're enjoying a night out in Portsmouth. Don't feel like having a rum punch? How about a bucket of Kubuli and a pizza from Tulip's? If not, I think I saw someone outside of Big Poppa's selling 'coconuts'..

15. De Champs

Whether you're enjoying fine dining, playing trivia during taco Tuesdays, having a mimosa-filled boozy brunch, completing the 12-hour challenge, buying the hottest faculty and students at the Ped's Date Auction, chugging from the flabongo, or just dancing your drunken ass off, we've all had amazing times at this place. Probably too much fun. Shit, who did I try and make out with last night? God I hope I didn't take too many embarrassing selfies..


16. Chop My Money!

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You never heard this song before you came here and you are likely never to hear it again. You know, once you delete it from your iPod.

Let's also not forget the first time you heard this song. Chocolate codeine? Chuck my mommy? WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY SAYING?! Ohhhh...CHOP my MONEY. Gotcha.

17. Machetes & Coconuts

The perfect alternative to the swiss army knife, the machete is the best all around tool for just about anything and everything. Need to open a coconut? Machete. Need to cut the grass? Machete. Machete? Machete!

*Honorable mention goes to the weedwacker- the noisiest but seemingly most common gardening tool on this island

18. The New & Improved Tomato's

If you recognize this picture then you've been on the island long enough to remember when Scrappy was homeless. The servers at Tomato's still yell out orders incomprehensibly and they seem to always forget that you ordered extra ranch with your buffalo chicken wrap. But at least we don't have to huddle under the umbrellas anymore when it starts to rain!

19. And It Rains Here...A Lot

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20. Did I Mention How Much It Rains Here?

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22. Speaking of Subway..

You've eaten Subway more often since being on the island than you ever have your entire life. You've eaten there even after they ran out of lettuce. And meat. And bread. Just never expect extra toppings without an attitude- its like you're stealing from their personal stash of banana peppers and ranch dressing!

23. But Seriously, Its Always Hot and/or Raining

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26. Hot Commodities

When it comes to studying in comfort, you aren't a stranger to getting up at the crack of dawn just to secure one of these bad boys. Just don't sit in my cube. Or in the cube next to my cube. Seriously, I don't know you. Even if I did, I wouldn't want you to be this close to me. And you smell a little. Go away.

27. The Truth

Your friends and family stopped asking 'what you're up to lately' because you always seem to be studying and yet they still seem surprised when you don't come home tan. Or 'freckly' for the melanin challenged.

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