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    13 Things Companies Now Know About You

    The corporate world is mining your life for juicy, personal details. Should you be paranoid? Read and decide.

    1. Whether or not you're pregnant.

    2. How likely you are to miss your flight.

    3. Whether or not your car is a lemon.

    4. What "personal products" you might like to buy with your Communion wafers.

    5. What your meds are actually doing to you.

    6. Whether or not you're gay...before you even come out to your family.

    7. When someone is about to steal your identity.

    8. When you're seven weeks away from getting the flu.

    9. When your marriage is going down the tubes.

    10. If that gadget you've been ogling is about to decrease in value.

    11. How much you're willing to pay for things.

    12. Where you'll probably be in 24 hours, within a 20 meter radius!

    13. That EVERYONE was going to watch House of Cards, now the most-watched series on Netflix.