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23 Legit Study Tips According To Science

Students take note: you're probably doing it wrong!

1. Losing one night's sleep can impair reasoning and memory for up to 4 days!

2. Learning can be a spectator sport.

3. Step away from the highlighters!!!

4. Start studying early...but not TOO early.

5. Don't get too cozy in the library.

6. Foreign languages aren't just sexy. They grow your brain.

7. Lazy bums rejoice! We may actually learn IN OUR SLEEP.

8. Getting your ass out of your chair is as important as buckling down.

9. Rockin' some tunes as a kid keeps you sharp later on.

10. Get down to serious study business right before bedtime.

11. Sleep is a cognitive weapon. Wield it strategically.

12. Man cannot ace exams on vending machine fare alone.

13. Give yourself a friggin' break!

14. "Multitasking" is really just "multidistracting."

15. Think you're a "visual" or an "auditory" learner? IT'S LIES, ALL LIES.

16. Variety keeps your brain on its toes.

17. All-nighters = GPA-Sabotage

18. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

19. Early morning cramming is a dangerous sham.

20. One sneaky molecule is to blame for blanking out when we're tired.

21. "Chunking" information prevents blowing your "cognitive load."

22. The harder something is to remember, the harder it is to forget.

23. And if you're not the sharpest tool in the shed, don't fret.