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15 Reasons Why Timothy Omundson Is Awesome

Quadruple Threat: Singer, Dancer, Actor, and Epic Beard-Grower

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1. You ready?

Galavant / Via

2. If you're a 90s kid you might remember him as the villain from the Disney movie "The Luck of the Irish"

He was scary but strangely mesmerizing at the same time...

3. He played head detective Carlton Lassiter a.k.a "Lassie" on Psych

Psych / Via

Greatest character ever!

4. His characters always have heart <3

Psych / Via

5. and humor =)

Galavant / Via

6. He's very relatable

Supernatural / Via

7. He's got style

Psych / Via

8. He's rugged yet surprisingly delicate

Supernatural / Via

9. He's dedicated to the roles he plays

He grew out his luscious hair for his latest show "Galavant"

10. He always works with the best people!

11. He loves animals

12. His hair is always camera ready...

Supernatural / Via

Like a shampoo commercial...

13. He's a triple threat

Galavant / Via

Singer, Dancer, Actor

14. He can grow an EPIC beard...

15. He's a force to be reckoned with

Supernatural / Via
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