This Is The Coolest Food Art On Tumblr

Artist Lauren Purnell just totally and completely caused the “don’t play with your food” rule to lose credibility.

1. Kale and Rhubarb Tree

Kale yeah!

2. Banana Boat

Headed due east, right into my belly

3. Red, Red, Wine

Oliva Pope would approve

4. Bicyclette

Just LOOK at the strawberry basket!!

5. A Rose By Any Other Name..

I suppose this now means buttercream roses are for peasants…

6. Juice Bar

This is your cleanse, pre-juicer

7. Hummingbird

This plate is most certainly NOT for the birds!

8. Three Little Chickies

Pick a little, talk a little

9. Tulips

Made from bell peppers, parsley and mint leaves! I want to eat this with my two lips..

11. Papaya Sunflower

I’m getting overwhelmed…

12. Sea Turtle


13. Road Trip

No need to pack snacks…

14. Butterfly, hold the butter.

“How to distract kids into eating salad”

15. Margarita Madness

Okay, I’m officially overwhelmed. I think I might actually need a real drink… Or to come up with the next cutting edge movement of blended genre’s… Hopefully the former will lead to the later.

16. And just for fun… A mushroom mustache, complete with ’80s glasses!

You can check out the rest of Lauren’s creations on her Tumblr and Instagram!

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