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10 Summer Style DIY's Perfect For Crafting With Cocktails

Is there anything better than responding with "oh yeah I made it" when people are fawning over your outfit/accessories? Okay, Maybe... But it's still pretty darn cool.

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1. Summer Sequins / Via Pinterest

Make your own sequin shorts?? I mean, come on... You can dress them up or down - they're the perfect transitional item to take you from day to night and effortlessly balance on the tightrope of classy and sexy.

3. Lace Decorated TOMS

Stepping up your shoe game seems a lot more tangible when all you need is some lace and a glue gun. Perfect for those slightly cooler summer days when sandals just aren't going to cut it.

5. Gold Tube Bracelets

In the summer when you're constantly in and out of the water, losing jewelry is not a welcome worry. With these chic yet simple pieces, if you misplace or damage one, you can always just make another!

6. Ombre Sun Hat / Via Pinterest

When your friends are trying to find you at the beach, imagine how much cooler it will be to say "Oh no, keep going just past the 3rd lifeguard chair... I'm on the striped towel wearing the ombre hat!"

9. Bow Sandals / Via Pinterest

With warmer summer nights comes the increased occurrence of backyard parties - which act as an inhospitable atmosphere for heels... But you can still stay cute with this simple idea to sweeten up some plain flat or wedge sandals!

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