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27 Senior Kitties Who Prove Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number

All available for adoption in NYC :)

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1. Houdini, 14/M / Via

Houdini pulled a magic trick of his own earlier in life when he somehow ended up a stray in the Bronx, far from his established home on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Now living with a foster family, this guy retains some “street” habits, such as his yowly alley cat meow, and preferring to sit at a distance from you, as opposed to “on” you - though he will expect you to share your bed! Learn more about Houdini here.

2. Lady Diana, 20/F / Via

Lady Diana is looking to upgrade her station to Queen of YOUR Heart. Currently homeless, this remarkably healthy 20-year-old just wants a warm bed, good food, and a little loving in her golden years. Read more about Lady Diana here.

3. Aidan & Norman, 15/M / Via

These twin brothers recently found themselves in a shelter for the first time at the ripe age of 15-years-old, after their human mom passed away. Aidan (left) is the cool, laid back one of the duo, while Norman is plain sweet. They can go home together or separately. Read more about Aidan here, and Norman here.

4. Marilyn, 16/F / Via

Marilyn is what you would call a “bed snail.” Bed (specifically, YOUR bed) is her favorite place in the house, and lounging is her favorite thing to do, aside from snuggling. A sweet and social companion cat, Marilyn is healthy and looking for a forever home. Read more about Marilyn here.

5. Natasha, 16/F / Via

Natasha, unfortunately, had a rough start in life, but after being rescued back in 2001 as a six month old, things have been on an upward trajectory. All she needs now is a chance to prove her potential as a house cat! Learn more about Natasha here.

6. Monty, 17/M / Via

Dapper in his slightly rumpled tuxedo coat, Monty is ever the gentleman. Content to sit and observe his surroundings, or nuzzle at your side, this 17-year-old is a wonderful companion. Aside from being slightly hard of hearing, Monty is in great health. Read more about him here.

7. Anneke, 15/F / Via

Anneke is a gentle kitty with an all-around good disposition. Like a lot of us, however, she suffers from chronic back pain, due to an old spinal injury. Though she requires daily pain meds and gentle handling, she is otherwise in good shape. Read more about Anneke here.

8. Chester, 15/M / Via

Chatty Chester is real people person. He loves attention of the human variety, and if he feels he’s not getting enough, he will tell you so in no uncertain terms! Chester is a Special Needs cat, having suffered some health complications previously (cancerous tumor on his back – he’s now cancer free), and is currently being treated for hyperthyroidism and early stage renal failure. He’s living the best life possible and is truly deserving of a loving home. Read more about Chester here.

9. Angel, 17/F / Via

Another Angel in our midst! This 17-year-old beauty ended up in a shelter after her owner was evicted from her home. A disappointing development to say the least, but this sweetheart hasn’t let it change her loving and gentle nature. Read more about Angel here.

10. Bunny, 16/F / Via

Put away the feather toys and felt mice. This kitty, named Bunny, has no patience for dumb pet tricks. Just point her to the cat treats and nearest cuddle-worthy human and she’ll be on her way. Read more about Bunny here.

11. Boomer, 16/M / Via

Boomer here might be a little camera shy, but his bashfulness can’t detract from his regal air, reminiscent of a large savanna cat. Though he’s pushing 17, this guy retains all his faculties, not to mention a super soft and silky coat! Boomer loves a good petting and is, all around, adorable. Read more about Boomer here.

12. Angel, 20/F / Via

Angel might be missing an eye (removed due to infection), but she’s no closer to getting her permanent angel wings than any other cat on this list. At 20-years-old, this experienced lady has learned what’s truly important in life – cuddles – and spends her days in pursuit of human affection and companionship. Read more about Angel here.

13. Kiki, 18/F / Via

With olive green eyes and a silky black and white coat, Kiki is gorgeous, and she knows it. Outgoing and eager to make friends, she demonstrates none of the aloofness her species is known for, preferring instead to get down to business by sweetly soliciting petting from the nearest human. Surprisingly rambunctious for an 18-year-old in her level of play enthusiasm, Kiki proves that you’re really only as old as you feel. Read more about her here.

14. PeekABoo, 20/F / Via

Another “super senior” is PeekABoo, who, at 20-years-old, is still going strong, despite being FIV positive. Like HIV, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is a slow virus that attack’s a cat’s immune system over times. It is a cat-only disease and cannot be spread to humans or other animals. Most FIV positive cats live long, healthy and relatively normal lives. Read more about PeekABoo here.

15. Midnight, 15/F / Via

Midnight is the embodiment of resilience, in that she hasn’t allowed her past to dictate her present. While she’s experienced quite a lot of hardship in life, to include abuse and abandonment, she loves people and continually seeks them out. This quiet and calm girl enjoys cuddling on the couch in front of the TV (GoT, anyone?) and generally being a companion animal. Read more about Midnight here.

16. Casey, 15/M / Via

Casey is an older gent who prefers the company of younger cats. Maybe he’s in denial about his age, or just wants to keep up with trends in music, but ideally, this guy would go to a home with a younger cat. He may have no teeth, but this guy still loves to eat! Read more about Casey here.

17. Kyra, 14/F / Via

Sweetie pie Kyra sure could use a change in luck. After being separated from her loving family of 12 years when a neighbor reported them for violating their building’s “no pets” rule, this lovely 14-year-old was placed in a foster home. Now that home can no longer accommodate her. Read more about Kyra here.

18. Kitty Baby, 14/F / Via

Ever met a conscientious cat? Well, meet Kitty Baby. This 14-year-old beauty is all class, all the time. Taking her cues from you, she’ll politely and gingerly sit on your lap while you read, or watch TV, and graciously accept any affection you have to offer. Read more about Kitty Baby here.

19. Indi, 13/M / Via

Moderation is the name of Indi’s game. While extremely social and affectionate with people, he knows when to rein it in. He doesn’t embarrass or make a nuisance of himself like some other cats do! Sheesh, other cats! Aside from a recent diagnosis of diabetes, for which he requires a daily insulin shot, this little boy is in good health. Read more about Indi here.

20. Hotwing, 13/M / Via

He might be a little rough around the edges, but Hotwing, a former NYC stray, is as sweet as can be. Just look at that face! Easy-going and friendly, he is as solicitous of attention as he is of cat treats. Read more about Hotwing here.

21. Bam Bam, 16/M / Via

At 16-years-old, Bam Bam is not only devastatingly handsome, but a fighter, as well. With quiet dignity, he puts a brave face on some serious —but under control— health concerns, namely diabetes and pancreatitis, though you’d never know it, as sweet and polite as he is. He tends to poop out as the day progresses, but who doesn’t need a nap in the afternoon?! Read more about Bam Bam here.

22. Greta Garbo, 15/F / Via

The shades are drawn upstairs, but there’s definitely someone home! Greta may be completely blind, but that doesn’t stop her from exploring, or seeking out snuggles in bed. Like her screen siren namesake, she is independent and finds happiness in calm, quiet environments. Read more about Greta here.

23. Gradie, 13/F / Via

The eyes say it all, and don’t Gradie’s just gleam with sassiness! This friendly girl is a glutton for the grooming brush and is one of those rare breeds that actually likes water! Early stage kidney disease has not diminished Gradie’s zest for life, nor her constant quest for an open lap and unlimited petting. Read more about Gradie here.

24. Teddy, 13/M / Via

This darling boy is very much a cat-next-door type: inquisitive, friendly, playful, and let’s not forget completely adorable! 13-year-old Teddy was surrendered after spending his entire life as a companion animal. He’s been in the shelter a while and is searching for a loving forever family. Read more about Teddy here.

25. Pudding & Fred, 18/M / Via

These good ol’ boys have been friends for over 18 years, having lived together until their owner’s recent death. Pudding (left) and Fred (right) are now in desperate need of a new home, preferably together. Read more about Pudding here, and Fred here.

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