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    Things That You Should Know About Asexuality

    In a society that's so sexualized, many people who identify as asexual can often find themselves feeling alone.

    So What Exactly is Asexuality?

    What Makes Asexuality Different from Celibacy or Abstinence?

    You Can Be Asexual and Still Have Sex?

    Asexual Relationships

    Types of Asexuality

    As stated before, there are varying levels and types of asexuality. A few of them being:

    Demi-sexual: One who doesn't feel sexual attraction unless they form a strong connection with their partner(s)

    Grey-ace (Gray-ace): Someone who only sometimes feels sexual attraction. They commonly have a low sex drive and don't always feel the need to act on sexual urges.

    Basically you need to remember: sexual attraction isn't black and white, there can always be a bit of grey!

    Why Should You Care About Asexuality?

    What You Can Do To Spread Awareness

    Awareness starts at the source. One of the best things that you can do is help people who are coming out as or considering that they may be ace understand that what they're feeling is completely normal. They aren't alone. They aren't broken.

    Know the right questions to ask. For example, it's inappropriate to ask if an asexual person masturbates (and it's a question that gets asked a lot). If you wouldn't ask someone who's sexual your question, you probably shouldn't ask someone who is ace.

    Don't complain about the use of the term "asexual". Most people know that it's a scientific word for something that reproduces by itself, but the word has been adopted to mean something different. Gay technically means happy or elated. Bisexual technically means having both a penis and a vagina. Lesbian technically means someone who comes from the island of Lesbos.

    Don't assume that an asexual just hasn't "had good sex". You don't need to have sex to know who you're attracted to or if you are sexually attracted to anyone at all. You wouldn't assume that a straight man just hasn't had good sex with another man yet, and asexuality is no different.

    Along those lines, if you're feeling "forever alone" and bitter about it, it's not appropriate to say that you're just going to be asexual. Asexuality is never a choice, and it's very offensive to say that you're choosing to be ace just because you're single.

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