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    16 Carousel Horses With Worse Anxiety Than You

    And not just because they've all been impaled by rods.

    1. This horse’s mom hasn’t picked up the phone and it’s been two calls.

    2. This horse’s plane is experiencing some light turbulence.

    3. This horse just flushed the toilet at someone else's house and the water keeps rising.

    4. This horse got too high and has to now concentrate on not dying.

    5. This horse isn’t sure if she left her hair straightener on but she’s already at work.

    6. This horse is at a social gathering and a stranger just spoke to them.

    7. This horse felt a tingle in its leg and is sure it's a blood clot.

    8. This horse is clearing their browser history mid-panic attack because this could be It.

    9. This horse's boss didn't laugh at his joke and he can't stop thinking about it.

    10. This horse thinks she's pregnant because her boobs suddenly hurt.

    11. This horse's dad just texted "Call me."

    12. This horse’s phone died and it just got to the party.

    13. This horse was just asked to say a "fun fact" about themselves at work.

    14. This horse is getting rung up at the cashier and just realized he forgot his card at home.

    15. This horse texted their crush 3 hours ago and there's still no response.

    16. This horse can't go to sleep because one day he and everyone he knows will die.