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7 Ways San Diego Fans Can Prepare For This Season.

It's not every spring in San Diego where you hear the chatters of World Series. But this spring, the San Diego Padres are starting off April with a Stacked line up, one of the top pitching rotations in baseball and just completed a trade for arguably the best closer in baseball.

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1. Let the bandwagoners on board

Seriously, this is the biggest faux pas in sports. You can already hear the drunk guy at the bar questioning your loyalty. Asking who had the lowest E.R.A. in the 1986 season because you are wearing a Padres hat. No one gives a shit, save it for your trivia night.

Being a fan of the team since you were birthed doesn't make you less of a fan. The misconception here is that if you haven't been there for the down years, then you shouldn't be there for the winning. Well, this isn't a dramatic high school relationship. If someone wants to be a Padre fan, you welcome them with open arms. This means more people going to the games and the padres being less of the laughing stock of Baseball for having half empty stadiums.

2. Go to the games to support your team

Home field advantage.

This has been a problem for San Diego that has been hard to overcome.

For years, San Diego has been a home game on the road for many teams. Just look at the home games for the Chargers last season with the Patriots, Broncos. That was a competitive team playing for a playoff spot. If the Padres are as good as we expect them to be this season. You have to do a better job of filling up those seats.

When big market teams come in like the Phillies, Mets and Cubs it's usually a full house....filled with the opposing team. Best way to support your team is to go to the games! They play 1,749 games a season so make sure you go and support. We have the coaster set up here so it's pretty easy to get down there, not to mention a lot of fun to go with a group of friends.

3. You can't buy team chemistry

Rick Scuteri / Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, the Padres have a great team on paper but many teams in the past have proven, that doesn't guarantee a World Series. Hell, that doesn't even guarantee a wining record! Look at the New York Knicks Season over in the NBA.

With lots of new faces and lots of big name signing, that means plenty of new ego's to deal with. Problem children like Melvin (B.J.)Upton might make or break this season. Lets just hope he gets an extra juice box from coach before the game and plays nice with all his other new teammates. Maybe this name change could be the next Mike Stanton...

Bottom line is they are young and talented, this is a good team that should be able to compete for the next couple years. Very impressive for a small markets team but it might take a season or 2 for them to gel. So please don't throw out your PETCO PARK Padres jersey's if they don't sweep the Sox in the World Series this year. We all know Back to the Future has already showed us the cubs will win this year.

4. Don't shit on other teams

I had the unfortunate seating next to a Padre and Giants fan the other day. The Padre fan was talking about how when they win it this year, it will all be even.

No Padre fan, no.

Let me fill you in on a secret, everyone in the country like the humble, small market teams. Look at the Royals last year! It's always nice to root for the team that haven't won before.

That being said, the San Diego Padres have never won before...and they are in a division with one of the Most storied franchises in sports, another team that has won 3 championships in the last 5 years and 2 expansion teams that have both already made it to the series and one that has won it.

Do everyone in sports a favor and focus on your teams success and be positive about the 2015 San Diego Padres season. We live in the most beautiful place in the county with some amazing people. No need to go stab a Dodgers fan in the parking lot because "my team is better than your team".

5. Players will get injured

Not only does baseball take up more than half of a calendar year, the players have 162 games on tap and that's not including the pre-season and post-season.

If the Padres are going to make a run this season, they have to be healthy. 15 day DL stints here and there are expected but usually when the world series trophy is hoisted above those healthy shoulders. teams are saying how grateful they are that they all stayed healthy.

6. Don't jump off the bandwagon after the 1st 3 game losing streak

As mentioned before, it's a long season. every team will have their ups and down's and if they haven't had that before September....well that's not always a good thing. As long as these MLB seasons are, it usually seems to come down to the last game of the season so stick with your team all the way to the end.

Plus when teams have a bad run, thats the perfect time to get cheaper tickets! See, even when they are losing you are winning.

7. Wear Padre gear you purchased, not the freebie

Ok, we went over how band wagon fans are not the problem but if you ever want to know how to spot one, look for the shirt they got on the FREE T-SHIRT night.

It doesn't take a baseball fan to understand how this works. The more you invest in your team, the more money they have to go out and spend on those big name players. Do you think the Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers are in it every year because teams are just intimidated by the cities they are from?

Ditch the free shirt and buy one at the club house.

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