Yolo’s Out. YODO’s In.

Find out why when international rap stars Big Box, Purple Lips + Tiger Dick make a music video about it. Directed by the under appreciated visionary, Nick Kocher.

This isn’t soft yolo sht.
This is YODO.
B*tch… ‘Cuz,
You Only Die Once.

GTV brings you behind the scenes with internationally acclaimed rap sensations
BIG BOX + PURPLE LIPS, featuring super fast rapper TIGER DICK, making a music video for their hit single: YODO. Directed By… Nick Kocher.

“GTV Making The Video”

Project Reality (Pilot #3)

By MANA @ www.manawatchonline.com

Executive Producers

Maya Erskine

Anna Ryan Konkle

Written By

Maya Erskine

Anna Ryan Konkle

Directed By

Dan Schimpf

Tiger Dick
Alex Anfanger

Purple Lips
Maya Erskine

Big Box
Anna Ryan Konkle

Director Nick Kocher
Brian McElhaney

Dominique Toney

Alix Angelis
Grace Folsom
Raquel Rose
Luyanda Sithole

Lawyer Man
Sam Zvibleman

Makeup Artist
Blake Perlman

Director of Photography
Skyler Rousselet

Lisa Steen

Camera Operator
Sam Z. Mehrizi

Camera Operator
Rohan Ali

Edited By
Dan Schimpf

Sam Zvibleman

Titles By

Moses Journey

Produced By
Blake Perlman
Diana Levy Souza
Dominique Toney

Special Thanks To
Derrick Drop Braxton
Marc Real

Associate Producers

David Gosnell

David White & Sally Knight

Gayle Belin & Gary Kessler

Darlene Chan

Zoe Costello

Kathryn Bryson
Bill Staples

Patricia Brown
Steve Wymore

Nancy Erskine Schreiner
Eileen T’Kaye
Jayne Goldsmith
Valerie Bishop

Will Springhorn Jr.

Paul & Mary Jane Ohlson

Aaron Louis

Richard T. Kvistad

Janet Ryan

Peter Erskine

Rose & Paul McGowan

John Entjes

James Konkle

Carlos Andujar

Terry Sanders

Gabrielle Hamilton
Keith Sportack

Gerine Ongkeko

More Info:
Project Reality is a new webseries written, performed + produced by MANA (www.manawatchonline.com). It consists of five pilots and a music video world premiere. Each webisode is a new pilot of a rejected reality show that never made it to airing.

After MANA airs all the rejects, the audience will vote on which pilot they want to see a full season of, and MANA will produce it. Which is great ‘cuz after watching we’ll all feel a better ‘bout our own f’ed up lives… uh… what? Yeah, it’s like that. Get weird.

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