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21 Things Every Single Indian Girl Is Sick Of Hearing

"When I was your age, I was a mother of two." *RAGE*

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4. "How do you feel about hitting 30 soon?".


Does being in your twenties mean you'll turn 30 sometime in the foreseeable future? Funny thing, I never knew. Thanks for that insightful information. Eternally indebted to you.


12. "Career? Girls don't have careers. It’s just a way to get them busy till they get married, then it's family and kids for life."

13. “How does it feel to see your friends getting married while you’re still single?!”


I don’t know. How does it feel getting smacked right on to your freaking face? YOU'RE ABOUT TO FIND OUT.


15. "So you've joined the gym, Getting in shape for marriage proposals, eh?"


Yeah! that's what gyms are for! To grab up those good marriage proposals! Personal fitness? What's that!? I don't have a weight-loss goal, I have a husband-gain goal!

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