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14 Prettiest Things That Girls Do

Girls are adorable and lovable in a million unthinkable ways. Some we notice, some we ignore and some we don't even realize. But having a girl by your side feels like home, no matter how far away you are. They care for you, make you feel loved and they pleasantly surprise you in a thousand little ways. Say it loud or not..Girls are simply the best!

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3. When they do something so gender-role oriented, like make you dinner, sit you down and serve it to you to the point where you think she doesn't have to, but she does because she wants to show you she cares.

7. When asked a question, they simply furrow their foreheads and actually think of the answer - not because they're confused or don't know what to say, but because they are really thinking something through before responding.

8. When they sit with you for hours and hear you pour you heart out and talk about stupid, important or personal things and whatever other things your heart so desires.

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