25 Heartwarming Anniversary Gift Ideas

Inventive ideas for the first five years.

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1. Q&A A Day Journal

A daily journal that you fill out as a couple for three years. Each day you answer a question together and by the time those three years are over, you’ll have a wonderful time capsule of your early married life.

Price: $17

2. Personalized Playing Cards


Do you like to play poker, rummy, or even go fish together? Get some cards printed with snapshots from your relationship (or with pictures of your beloved pooch).

Price: $20

3. Where We’ve Been World Map

A blank canvas to keep track of your adventures together. Each time you visit a new country, simply color it in on the map (or display the map on a cork board, and add a tack or pin).

Price: $35+

4. Personalized Paper Dolls

Send illustrator Jordan Grace Owens a picture of you and your spouse and she’ll transform you into a pair of paper dolls.

Price: Starts at $35

5. Portable Smartphone Photo Printer

Because some pictures are too great to only have digital copies of.

Price: $159

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6. DIY Memory Pillows

Have your marriage certificate printed onto fabric and turn it into a pillow. Learn how here.

Price: around $28 (not including tools)

7. Infinity Pillow Case Set

If you’re not the crafty type, purchase matching pillow cases printed with the infinity symbol.

Price: $32

8. Cotton Candy Maker

If your spouse has a serious sweet tooth, they may prefer receiving some cotton of a *candy* nature.

Price: $41

9. Monogrammed Robe

Spend your weekends lounging around together in these plush beauties.

Price: $99

10. Photo Quilt or Blanket


Cozy up with a personalized blanket while you work your way through every season of Scandal.

Price: $143+

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11. Longitude and Latitude Keychain

Find the longitude and latitude of your wedding venue (or your home or the place you met) and have the numbers stamped onto a leather keychain.

Price: $27

12. DIY Leather Journal

Married to a writer? Show your love by making them a handmade journal. Learn how here.

Price: around $20 for supplies

14. Minnetonka Slippers


Keeping your feet cozy during the next year of marriage (and beyond).

Price: $36

15. Butterfly Chair

This beautiful version of the iconic Butterfly (or BFK Hardoy) chair is a bit of a splurge, but it will last you for years; years of sitting around and relaxing with the one you love.

Price: $399

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16. Flower Field Seed Bombs

Toss these “bombs” into your garden together and wait for the blooming to begin.

Price: $5.28+

17. Meyer Lemon Tree

Celebrate your fruitful marriage with a beautiful fruit tree.

Price: $12

18. Watermelon Serving Bowl

Just because a wedding gift is traditional doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! This shop also carries pineapple and grapefruit bowls.

Price: $60

19. Recreated Wedding Bouquet

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Call up your wedding florist and ask them to recreate the bouquet from the big day four years ago. If you don’t live near the florist you hired for your wedding, just bring a picture to a local one.

Price: Varies by flower choice

20. Fruit or Flower of the Month Subscription

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If you don’t have the money to splurge on these subscriptions, you could do a “subscription” of your own: simply put together a small basket of fruit or vaseful of flowers each month and give them to your husband or wife on the date that corresponds with your anniversary.

Price: $329 or $479

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21. DIY Anniversary Sign

A commemorative sign you can (easily!) make yourself. Learn how here.

Price: less than $10 for supplies

22. Date Keychain

The front is engraved with a teeny tiny calendar with the date of your anniversary circled. The back is engraved with a message of your choice.

Price: $17.57

23. Hearts Embossing Rolling Pin

A not-so-subtle way to let your spouse know that you’d like them to bake you some cookies.

Price: $35

24. Personalized Faux Bois Mug Set

You shouldn’t carve your initials into *actual* trees (it hurts them), but buying a mug with a little love sentiment on it? That’s totally OK.

Price: $72

25. Three Nights Wine Box

This box stores three bottles of wine for three special occasions — cheers!

Price: $130

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