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25 Heartwarming Anniversary Gift Ideas

Inventive ideas for the first five years. The products in this post were updated in May 2018.

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1. Q&A A Day Journal

A daily journal that you fill out as a couple for three years. Each day you answer a question together and by the time those three years are over, you'll have a wonderful time capsule of your early married life.

Price: $17


10. Photo Quilt or Blanket,

Cozy up with a personalized blanket while you work your way through every season of Scandal.

Price: $41.99+ (left) or $71.99 (right)


19. Recreated Wedding Bouquet

Manifeesto / Getty Images

Call up your wedding florist and ask them to recreate the bouquet from the big day four years ago. If you don't live near the florist you hired for your wedding, just bring a picture to a local one.

Price: Varies by flower choice


20. Fruit or Flower of the Month Subscription

If you don't have the money to splurge on these subscriptions, you could do a "subscription" of your own: simply put together a small basket of fruit or vaseful of flowers each month and give them to your husband or wife on the date that corresponds with your anniversary.

Price: $99.99+ or $179+

21. DIY Anniversary Sign

A commemorative sign you can (easily!) make yourself. Learn how here.

Price: less than $10 for supplies