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37 Awesome Things You Never Knew You Needed For Your Home

Who *wouldn't* want a bookcase shaped like a tree or a T. rex head to hang on their wall?

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1. A poster covered with classic books that you can "scratch off" (like a scratch ticket) as you read them.

If you love nothing more than physically checking something off a to-do list, this is the poster for you.

Get it from Pop Chart Lab for $35.

5. A drinking challenge board game you'll end up using at all your house parties.

Also, I mean "board game" very literally: This thing is a hunk o' actual factual wood and would make a great gift.

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $32.

6. A little device you can use to scan the barcodes of running-on-empty items in your kitchen (to create a grocery list).

You can also add to your list with your voice (the device — Hiku — has a microphone) or via an app. Then, when it's time to go shopping, just open up the app on your phone to peruse your list.

Get one from Amazon for $59.

26. A wooden frame filled with layers of felt to display photos, postcards, ticket stubs, and other mementos on.

Unlike using a cork board, this won't involve puncturing anything with tacks.

Get it from Mod Cloth for $34.99.

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