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22 Hilarious Holiday Cards For People Who Love Food

Let your heart be light and your belt be tight.

1. For someone with the same taste as Buddy the elf.

2. For the carnivore.

3. For the pizza enthusiast.

4. For the friend who's always wiping grease and crumbs off of their hands.

5. For the aunt who's on a first name basis with the Whole Foods cheesemonger.

6. For the person with a penchant for prepackaged baked goods.

7. For the baker.

8. For the person who thinks egg nog should be available year round.

9. For the friend who can never say no to a brussels sprout.

10. For the family member who always makes a big show of loosening their belt after dinner.

11. For the friend who spends a TON of time on Pinterest.

12. For your brunch buddies.

13. For the person who loves cats as much as they love burritos.

14. For anyone who knows the things that truly make the season bright.

15. For your most angelic pal.

16. For the uncle who has never told a joke that's not corny.

17. For the person who's going to need some liquid courage to get through the season.

18. For the pun lover.

19. For the 80s music listener.

20. For members of the Guy Fieri fan club

21. For the unapologetic.

22. And for the person you want to smooch.