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37 Ways To Have A Dorm Room The Whole Floor Will Be Jealous Of

Decorated? ✓ Organized? ✓ Awesome? ✓✓

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1. Organize your plugs using washi tape.

Choose a different style of tape for each of your devices and apply it to both ends of the plugs: This way you'll never accidentally unplug your roommate's computer when you meant to unplug your own.

Learn more at Shaken Together and buy some pretty washi tape here.


8. Or print out some free fruit wall art.

All you have to do is download the file at Sugar and Cloth and print it out in the size of your choice. If you want a poster-sized version, just bring the JPG file to a store that offers printing services (like Staples).


17. Need some extra storage space? Set up a wire shelving unit over your bed.

Construct it over the foot of your bed. Set your laptop on one of the shelves, start up Netflix, and relax.

Just be sure to buy one wide enough to fit your bed between the bars (twin beds = 39 inches wide). Check out the selection at Amazon here.


28. Purchase a paper planner to use in addition to Google Calendar (or whatever app you have on your phone).

It can be helpful (and strangely satisfying) to actually write things down using a pen.

These planners are fun to doodle on and come in four sizes.

31. Try to keep your room free from dirt using a DIY welcome mat customized with a fun phrase.

Wandering around the dorm searching for the community vacuum is a pain in the ass; try to keep the things you'd need to vacuum from accumulating.

Get the tutorial at I Spy DIY.