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    37 Ways To Have A Dorm Room The Whole Floor Will Be Jealous Of

    Decorated? ✓ Organized? ✓ Awesome? ✓✓

    1. Organize your plugs using washi tape.

    2. Build a cork storage box for your desk.

    3. Purchase collapsible, space-saving extra seating.

    Have a guest? Unfold a chair. As soon as they leave, fold it back up again and shove it under your bed. Repeat as necessary. Get one from Bed Bath & Beyond for $39.99.

    4. Add tassels to your bedskirt.

    5. Or purchase a bedskirt organizer.

    6. Fit more clothing into your small wardrobe using soda can tabs.

    7. Pin notes and pictures to DIY fruit-shaped bulletin boards.

    8. Or print out some free fruit wall art.

    9. Pin paint chips to a cork board to make a colorful and cheap calendar.

    10. Use washi tape to make "wallpaper".

    11. Or wall decals.

    12. Or a patterned door.

    13. Washi tape's also great for concealing unfinished furniture edges.

    14. Keep your overflowing underwear drawer under control with dividers.

    15. Cover your futon with comfy pillows you've decorated with paint.

    16. While you have the paint out, make some matching curtains.

    17. Need some extra storage space? Set up a wire shelving unit over your bed.

    18. Make a wall organizer to hang above your desk.

    19. Cross-stitch mesh office organizational supplies.

    20. Raise your bed with lifts featuring USB and power outlets.

    21. Keep plastic utensils and paper plates in an over-the-fridge caddy.

    Any way to make eating easier...

    Buy one here.

    22. Fit more bottles into your fridge using a binder clip.

    23. Store snacks in a hanging shoe organizer.

    24. Overhead lighting sucks — be sure to bring your own floor and desk lamps.

    Dorm lighting sets one mood: an awful one.

    The Land of Nod has an awesome selection of fun (yet relatively inexpensive) lamps - check 'em out.

    25. Make shimmering gold versions of your initials to place on a shelf.

    26. Did you get stuck with the top bunk? You're going to want a shelf.

    27. Festoon your wall with a DIY gemstone garland.

    28. Purchase a paper planner to use in addition to Google Calendar (or whatever app you have on your phone).

    29. Is your room basically a sauna? Build a DIY air conditioner.

    30. Stitch together a pennant pillow to put on your futon.

    31. Try to keep your room free from dirt using a DIY welcome mat customized with a fun phrase.

    32. Most dorm rooms don't come with full-length mirrors: buy one you can hang over your door.

    33. Use a shower caddy to store so much more than just shampoo.

    34. Make a stack of no-sew floor pillows for visitors to sit on.

    35. Purchase laundry bags that make sorting easy.

    36. Turn your favorite Instagram photos into magnets for your mini fridge.

    37. Cover up your dorm room's stained carpeting (or cold linoleum floor) with a fun rug.

    The best place to get an inexpensive yet attractive rug? IKEA.