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28 Beds That Understand You Completely

If you love me, let me sleep.

1. For someone with a calling.

2. For the constant dozer.

3. For the person who knows the three most important things in life.

4. For those covered in cat hair.

5. For people that prefer to eat breakfast in bed.

6. For when there's only one word that can be used to describe you.

7. For the person who tends to find crumbs in their bed.

8. For the person who just can't.

9. For the anti-social.

10. For the person who knows what dreams are made of.

11. For anyone who can't be bothered.

12. For people who have turned snacking into an art form.

13. For the person who has two helpful words of advice.

14. For relaxed folks.

15. For the coffee addict.

16. For someone with one simple request.

17. For the perpetually hungover person.

18. For someone with a dream.

19. For the slothful.

20. For people who love dogs as much as they love doughnuts.

21. For someone who plans ahead.

22. For the person who knows where their vote is going.

23. For those with a dress code.

24. For the brunch enthusiast.

25. For the loner.

26. For the person who will never EVER get enough shuteye.

27. For anyone who knows how to seize the day.

28. For the person who...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Sweet dreams!