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27 Incredibly Wonderful Products For People Who Love Fall

Forget Christmas, fall is the *actual* most wonderful time of the year.

1. A pillow that professes your love for the best kind of weather.

2. A print listing off three very important fall activities.

3. A pin version of the greatest candy ever.

4. Teeny tiny acorns and leaves to cover your nails with.

5. A mug to help you make the perfect hot toddy.

6. A necklace made with an actual leaf.

7. And a gold-covered leaf nightlight.

8. A cozy knit acorn cap to keep your head warm.

9. And a sweater knit with a falling leaf design.

10. An autumnal print to hang on your wall.

11. Gloves to wear when you go to the orchard.

12. A tapestry to help you pretend that it's fall all year.

13. A pillow that knows your weekend plans.

14. A tee to wear while you watch the game.

15. Miniature leaves for each of your earlobes.

16. Some foliage for your legs.

17. A microwavable heat pack.

18. And microwaveable "hot boots".

19. A kit to turn all the apples you pick into hard cider.

20. A pumpkin keg tapping kit to serve your cider out of.

21. And the perfect mug to drink your cider from.

22. A tea towel to dry off your fall produce.

23. A phone case decorated with a snugly-dressed coffee cup.

24. A purse fit for Halloween Town.

25. A new fall wardrobe for your bed.

26. A print for pumpkin spice aficionados.

27. Plus some lotion to pumpkin-spice-ify your whole bod.