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21 Products For People Who Are Completely Obsessed With Poodles

Oodles and oodles of poodles.

Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed

1. A stylish poodle-print blouse.

2. A sweatshirt that turns your torso into a giant poodle head.

It's kind of like your arms are the ears.

Price: $60

3. A stamp featuring a perky pup.

Price: $1.50

4. A clock showcasing the best breed.

What time is it? POODLE TIME.

Always and forever.

Price: $30

5. Delicious lollipops with vintage-inspired poodles in their centers.

The flavor = sugar cookie!

Price: $21

6. A clutch covered with poodle heads.

This would be an incredibly ~classy~ way to carry around poop bags when you go for a walk with your dog.

Price: $20

7. A purse shaped like a little pup.

You can't bring an *actual* poodle into most establishments, but a dog-shaped bag is totally allowed.

Price: $19.29

8. A sticker to add some poodle pride to your laptop.

Or a notebook.

Price: $2

9. A pair of ceramic poodles for your ears.

Price: $30

10. And a bronze poodle for your neck.

Price: $68

11. A print in honor of your ~champion~.

Price: $20

12. A charming poodle ornament to hang on your Christmas tree.

13. A mug that's equal parts cute and creepy.

Poodles = great. Noodles = great. Put 'em together and.... hmmmm.

Price: $15

14. A tote with bark.

Or woof (to be specific).

Price: $19

15. An ID tag for your poodle that actually looks like a poodle.

Price: $18.50

16. Parisian poodle sticky notes.

"Buy dog food."

Price: $9

17. A locket to keep your canine BFF close to your heart.

Price: $28

18. A pillow poodle to cuddle with on your couch.

Not as good as cuddling with the real thing, but still nice.

(And some dogs just aren't into cuddling.)

Price: $42

19. A glamorous poodle ring.

A splurge, but a worthy splurge.

Price: $325

20. A retro pouch to keep all your makeup in.

21. And a poodle mask.

Sometimes poodle-related clothing and accessories just aren't enough.

Price: $36

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