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27 Products For People Who Are Completely Obsessed With Pickles

Pick one or pickle 'em all.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Petite pickle slices for your earlobes.

Price: $12.75

2. A card to send to your pickle eating partner in crime.

So sweet yet so sour.

Price: $4.50

3. A pickle fork you hang right from the jar.

Make pickle snacking even easier.

Price: $6.99

4. A tea towel for wiping up spilled pickle juice.

Price: $18

5. A pen to write your grocery list with.

To buy: pickles, pickles... even more pickles.

Price: $5.39

6. Soap spears you can use in the shower.

Price: $6

7. A cheery pillow to cuddle with on your couch.

Price: $45

8. An apron to protect your clothing from pickle juice stains.

Price: $65

9. Pickle-print Duck Tape for repairs around the house.

Price: $5.19

10. And pickle bandages for repairs on your body.

Price: $5.95

11. A wallet to store your pickle-buying funds in.

Price: $16

12. A pickle stopper to seal up an open bottle.

13. A musical game to play with your pickle-loving friends.

Like Hot Potato... only with a better food.

Price: $14.99

14. A beautiful print to hang in your kitchen.

15. A pickle light you can plug into any USB port.

What a beautiful green glow.

Price: $8.95

16. A sweet card for a pregnant friend with cravings.

Price: $4

17. A giant pickle you can spoon with.

3 feet of pickle to love.

Price: $118

18. A classy sterling silver charm to add a bracelet.

Every other charm just pales in comparison to this beauty.

Price: $13.95

19. A set of pickle stickers.

They'll stick to your computer just like that scrumptious pickle taste sticks to your mouth.

Price: $3

20. A tote bag featuring the chillest pickle on earth.

Price: $15

21. Napkins for an elegant pickle dinner party.

What do you mean you've never attended one of those!?!

Price: $6

22. Seasoning salt that will make your popcorn taste like pickles.

Everything should taste like pickles, tbh.

Price: $5

23. A charming brooch to pin onto a jacket or tote.

To hell with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, Maria Von Trapp should have been singing about pickles.

Price: $8.87

24. A pickle that can yodel.

It "yodels its little heart out at the push of a button."

Price: $12.95

25. Dill pickle flavored lip gloss.

So you'll always have the taste of pickles on your lips.

Price: $4

26. A catnip-filled toy to let your pet in on all the pickle fun.

Price: $8.99

27. Finally, some finger coverings that will turn you into Edward Picklehands.

Finger licking good.

Price: $4.95


Dill with it.