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31 Wonderful Local Stores From The Midwest You Can Shop Online

Support artisans, crafters, and other makers in your area.

1. Sweetpea & Co. (Minnesota)

What: Clothing and accessories for babies.

Pricing: $7 to $40

2. Skin Food (Ohio)

What: Skin care products.

Pricing: $5 to $32

3. Ello There (Indiana)

What: Prints, patches, stickers, cards, and more.

Pricing: $2.50 to $135

4. Clyde's Rebirth (Illinois)

What: Jewelry.

Pricing: $13 to $92

5. Frostbeard Studio (Minnesota)

What: Candles and wax melts.

Pricing: $6.75 to $18

6. Made in the Middle (Missouri)

What: Patches, prints, and tees.

Pricing: $3.75 to $30

7. Cold Creek Brewing (Missouri)

What: Wood goods for your home.

Pricing: $10 to $240

8. 618love (North Dakota)

What: Tea towels, journals, and more.

Price: $4 to $30

9. Jodi Lynn's Emporium of Doodles (Michigan)

What: Magnets, prints, and cards.

Pricing: $4 to $75

10. Tree Hopper Toys (Illinois)

What: Wooden toys.

Pricing: $14 to $50

11. The Mouse Market (Missouri)

What: Jewelry and miniatures.

Pricing: $4.50 to $38

12. Michelle Brusegaard (Minnesota)

What: Clothing, home decor, jewelry, stationery, and more.

Pricing: $3 to $40

13. Tigersheep Friends (Missouri)

What: Prints, pins, magnets, pillows, and more.

Pricing: $5 to $34

14. Moglea (Iowa)

What: Notepads and other letterpressed goods.

Pricing: $3.75 to $66

15. LEFTright (Michigan)

What: Clothing and accessories for babies, bags, tea towels, and coasters.

Pricing: $6 to $50

16. Smöra (South Dakota)

What: Skincare products.

Pricing: $4 to $112

17. Hillary Bird (Illinois)

What: Cards, prints, totes, and calendars.

Pricing: $5 to $65

18. Artifact Bag Co. (Nebraska)

What: Bags and aprons.

Pricing: $48 to $375

19. oneCANOEtwo (Missouri)

What: Notebooks, cards, calendars, prints, housewares, and more.

Pricing: $4.50 to $36

20. Laurel's Bench (Indiana)

What: Jewelry.

Pricing: $35 to $2,000

21. Timber Green Woods (Wisconsin)

What: Lasercut goods.

Pricing: $4.95 to $95

22. Imaginary Animal (Indiana)

What: Clothing, accessories, soap, bags, and more.

Pricing: $1.25 to $38

23. Four Eyes (Illinois)

What: Clothing and accessories for babies and adults.

Pricing: $2.50 to $70

24. Burrowing Home (Michigan)

What: Temporary tattoos, jewelry, cards, prints, pillows, and more.

Pricing: $4.50 to $72

25. Little Korboose (Ohio)

What: Pillows, tea towels, napkins, onesies, dishes, prints, and more.

Pricing: $10 to $208

26. Decoylab (Missouri)

What: Necklaces, brooches, and home decor.

Pricing: $10 to $135

27. Nourishing Notes (Illinois)

What: Tea towels, cards, and prints.

Pricing: $5 to $25

28. bky kid (Indiana)

What: Tees.

Pricing: $14.50 to $35

29. Katie Vernon (Iowa)

What: Prints, paintings, cards, and calendars.

Pricing: $10 to $215

30. Rachel Ignotofsky (Missouri)

What: Clothing, prints, and pillows.

Pricing: $17 to $165

31. HRUSKAA (Michigan)

What: Mobiles, planters, ornaments, and wall sculptures.

Pricing: $18 to $265

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