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31 Utterly Ingenious Ways To Play With Your Food

Mealtime's about to get a lot more fun.

By the time your game of catch is over, the ice cream will be ready to eat.

Price: $29

2. Lightsaber Chopsticks

May the force be

Price: $14.99

3. Mug With A Hoop

Pierce is reaching across the table; he's got his oyster cracker between his fingers...and--whoa--he slammed it into the basket! The crowd goes wild!

Price: $24

4. Okashina Mikan Uwasa Juicer

The most adorable way to prepare a glass of orange juice in the morning.

Price: $45

5. Maracas De Popcorn Maker

Pop your kernels in this kingly creature, scoop some popcorn into the maracas, add some toppings, and then shake-shake-shake it up!

Price: $31

6. Dinner DJ Dining Set

Throw your spoons up because DJ Platez is in the house!

Price: $28

7. Mustache Sandwich Cutter

Nice 'stache, man.

Price: $7

8. Rice Cube

You could build a rice igloo... a rice mansion... a rice PALACE.

Price: $16

9. Soup-er Hero Spoon

His superpower is fancifully transporting soup and cereal to your mouth.

Price: $10

10. Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

Clever girl.

Price: $12

11. Hungry Animal Mat & Plate Set

Mix and match a variety of plate mouths with animal head placemats.

Price: $29.95

12. Party Bowling

Just make sure to EMPTY the cans first.

Price: $9.60

13. Dinner Winner Kids Plate

Buy this for the picky eater in your life and turn dinnertime into a game.

Price: $19

14. Game On! Salt and Pepper Shakers

Hanging out around the dining room table before dinner's ready? Play a rousing game of air hockey with these clever salt and pepper shakers.

Price: $15

15. Zoo Ice Pops

Put on a puppet show before the popsicles start to melt.

Price: $15

16. Construct-A-Straw

As long as you can sip from it, there's no wrong way to build a straw.

Price: $14.99

17. Puzzle Dinner Tray

Let your child work on their fine motor skills while they eat.

Price: $50

18. Sports Huevos Egg Shapers

From the greens of the playing fields to the greens of your salad bowl.

Price: $13.99

19. Four Seasons Spice Shakers

You won't be able to resist shaking these spice snow-globes up when seasoning your food.

Price: $39.99

20. Food Face Dinner Plates

All beards would be better if they were made of macaroni and cheese.

Price: $12.21

21. Potato People

Like Mr. Potato Head...only with an *actual* potato (so, like the original Mr. Potato Head).

Price: $15

22. Salt and Pepper Robots

Here's hoping they don't go rogue and start dumping pepper on your dessert.

Price: $19.95

23. Crayums Ketchup and Mustard Condiment Servers

Doodle on your burger before you devour it.

Price: $9.50

24. Crayum Batter Dispenser

Or sketch out some pancakes on a Saturday morning.

Price: $10

25. Construction Plate and Utensil Set

With this set you can bulldoze your potatoes into your gravy.

Price: $21.95 (utensil set) and $15.95 (plate)

26. Monster Snack Keeper

Just reach down the monster's gullet to get your snack. Don't worry: he doesn't bite.

Price: $5

27. Tongue Spoon

My, what a long tongue you have! Are you part lizard?

Price: $6.65

28. Chemistry Set Spice Rack

This set will turn you into a Walter White of the kitchen.

Price: $49

29. Booz Foos Drink Stirrers

Kick around your ice cubes.

Price: $4

30. Mix Stix Drumstick Wooden Spoons

Waiting for water to boil? Drum solo time!

Price: $10.77

31. Musical Wine Glasses

In case you need an accompaniment for your drum solo.

Price: $65