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31 Utterly Ingenious Ways To Play With Your Food

Mealtime's about to get a lot more fun.

By the time your game of catch is over, the ice cream will be ready to eat.

Price: $29

2. Lightsaber Chopsticks

3. Mug With A Hoop

4. Okashina Mikan Uwasa Juicer

The most adorable way to prepare a glass of orange juice in the morning.

Price: $45

5. Maracas De Popcorn Maker

6. Dinner DJ Dining Set

Throw your spoons up because DJ Platez is in the house!

Price: $28

7. Mustache Sandwich Cutter

8. Rice Cube

9. Soup-er Hero Spoon

10. Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

11. Hungry Animal Mat & Plate Set

Mix and match a variety of plate mouths with animal head placemats.

Price: $29.95

12. Party Bowling

Just make sure to EMPTY the cans first.

Price: $9.60

13. Dinner Winner Kids Plate

14. Game On! Salt and Pepper Shakers

Hanging out around the dining room table before dinner's ready? Play a rousing game of air hockey with these clever salt and pepper shakers.

Price: $15

15. Zoo Ice Pops

Put on a puppet show before the popsicles start to melt.

Price: $15

16. Construct-A-Straw

As long as you can sip from it, there's no wrong way to build a straw.

Price: $14.99

17. Puzzle Dinner Tray

18. Sports Huevos Egg Shapers

From the greens of the playing fields to the greens of your salad bowl.

Price: $13.99

19. Four Seasons Spice Shakers

20. Food Face Dinner Plates

All beards would be better if they were made of macaroni and cheese.

Price: $12.21

21. Potato People

22. Salt and Pepper Robots

23. Crayums Ketchup and Mustard Condiment Servers

24. Crayum Batter Dispenser

25. Construction Plate and Utensil Set

With this set you can bulldoze your potatoes into your gravy.

Price: $21.95 (utensil set) and $15.95 (plate)

26. Monster Snack Keeper

Just reach down the monster's gullet to get your snack. Don't worry: he doesn't bite.

Price: $5

27. Tongue Spoon

My, what a long tongue you have! Are you part lizard?

Price: $6.65

28. Chemistry Set Spice Rack

29. Booz Foos Drink Stirrers

30. Mix Stix Drumstick Wooden Spoons

Waiting for water to boil? Drum solo time!

Price: $10.77

31. Musical Wine Glasses