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24 Gifts Only People Who Like Art Will Appreciate

Pick one or Picasso 'em all.

1. A mug Rihanna would approve of.

2. A sweatshirt showcasing the master of the (painted) selfie.

3. A "Venus de Wino" bottle stopper.

4. A Keith Haring figure with a hangover.

5. A mug that disrobes a variety of famous nudes when you fill it with a hot liquid.

6. Socks that will give you Picass-toes.

7. "The Creation of Adam" shot glasses.

8. A Salvador Dalí watch (with a rotating mustache).

9. And some fake facial hair to help you get that signature Dalí look.

10. A clock that tells you the history of art as well as the time.

11. A book of art history paper dolls.

12. And an art history coloring book.

Haven't you always longed to decorate David's dick?

Price: $15

13. A print in honor of a Seurat remix of the famous Doris Day song.

14. A bumper sticker that's a call to action.

15. Auguste Rodin and Leonardo da Vinci in finger puppet form.

Price: $6.95

16. A Dadaist tie.

17. A mug featuring a more badass version of Da Vinci's "The Vitruvian Man."

18. An impatient shirt.

19. Cufflinks decorated with the love child of Ron Swanson and Mona Lisa.

20. A t-shirt that shows what a drunk Piet Mondrian's work would've looked like.

21. A message for Jeff Koons.

22. A collaboration* between Barbara Kruger and John Mayer.

23. A "Jurassic Pollock" print.

24. And some Cezanne's greetings to you and yours.

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