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32 Essential And Inexpensive Tools Everyone Should Own

Be your own handyman.

1. Get ready for some intense grossness! When you stick a Zip-it down your drain to get rid of a clog, you never know what might come up.

2. An extension ladder? Too tall. A step ladder? Too short. This is the Baby Bear of ladders, because it's juuuuuuuuust right.

3. No, this isn't Play-Doh, it's Sugru Hacking Putty and it fixes EVERYTHING.

Well, maybe not everything, but it sure fixes a lot. The putty will stick to aluminum, steel, ceramic, glass, wood, and even some fabrics and plastics.

Desk drawer falling apart? Sugru. Laptop cord littered with cracks? Sugru. The thumb of your porcelain doll fell off? Sugru.

You get the idea.

4. This set may look extravagant, but it has every screwdriver and precision bit you could possibly need.

5. Anyone who drives should invest in a portable jump starter to keep in the trunk of their car.

Having a dead battery is miserable enough; who wants to add to the misery by waiting around for AAA (or wandering around the parking lot, searching for someone who isn't sketchy to ask for a jump)?

This device will allow you to get your car started again ALL ON YOUR OWN in *most* dead battery situations. It's also impossible to use incorrectly (an alarm will go off if you don't hook the clamps to the right spots).

6. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow (like, say... Boston), you should purchase a lightweight shovel that's easy on your back.

7. An X-Acto Knife set (for when you need to be precise with your cutting.

8. Snips (for when you need to be less precise with your cutting).

9. Wrap-Fix Tape is incredibly useful to keep around the house for plumbing emergencies.

10. This is the anaconda of cords (not because it will uncoil and eat you, but because it's very long--50 feet to be exact).

11. As useful as buckets may be, they sure take up a lot of space... unless they're collapsible (like this guy).

Wash whatever foul surface you may have, then fold the bucket up, and stick it under your sink until you need it again.

12. This is a no-frills tape measure that will do its job well (and never rust: it's made from stainless steel).

13. Here's a compact wrench to keep around the house for general repair tasks (plumbing, car stuff, etc.).

14. These pliers will help you get a grip on even the most slippery of surfaces.

15. Here's a hammer. A classic, well-made hammer that will probably hang around on this earth longer than you do.

16. A sleek, compact box-cutter with an easy to change blade.

17. This Micro Vacuum Attachment Kit is useful for anyone with electronic devices... so, everyone, pretty much.

18. Save your breath! From tires to air mattresses, this portable compressor will inflate them all.

19. Plungers: most of the time they sit around collecting dust, but when you need one... you NEED one.

20. Drop something into a small space? Fingers too large to get it out? Needle nose pliers to the rescue!

21. The Nifty Nabber Pick-Up Tool = a short person's new best friend.

22. Start a collection of bungee cords in various sizes.

These would be good for securing things to the roof of your car, while these would be good to attach things to your backpack or suitcase.

23. For $4.99, why WOULDN'T you buy a tarp? You never know when you may need to protect something from the rain.

24. This flashlight may be small, but it provides an enormous amount of light.

25. The #1 tool you should keep in your car, this emergency escape device can cut through a seat belt and break a window.

26. A saw is undoubtedly a tool kit necessity, but the average person will never need an especially large one: the CircSaw Folding HandSaw is a perfect, compact choice.

27. Bish's Original Tear Mender and Sticky Ass Glue will help you with all your adhesive needs.

Can't sew? Bish's Original Tear Mender will fix any fabric or leather rips, while the "stubbornly strong" Sticky Ass Glue will allow you to reattach things made from almost any other material: wood, metal, stone, fiberglass, plastic, concrete... the list goes on and on.

28. "Oh shit, the check engine light just came on": with this gadget, you'll be able to figure out exactly what the problem is.

29. You've probably received a Leatherman Multi-Tool in your Christmas stocking at one point or another, but if you don't already have one, go get one. Now.

30. The glue gun is a constant companion for all crafters, but everyone should have one to call their own.

31. Use the Magna Cart Hand Truck whenever you have boxes that need moving, and when you're done you can just fold it up and tuck it away.

32. WD-40 is one of most useful substances on earth.

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