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31 Incredibly Sweet Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Cake

A slice of cake for breakfast, a slice of cake for lunch, a slice of cake for dinner... and for dessert? Just hand me a fork and let me finish the rest off, thank you so much.

1. A pan for anyone who loves cake as much as they love Game of Thrones.

2. A teeny tiny slice of (remarkably realistic looking!) rainbow cake on a ring.

The artistry! This is clay, people! Clay! Not sugar and flour!

Get it from The Mouse Market on Etsy for $22.

3. A tee that'll have you humming a Papa Roach song you haven't thought of in years.

4. A set from Kate Spade featuring a beautifully illustrated tea towel and oven mitt, plus a pot holder that knows that cake isn't *only* suitable for dessert.

5. Cake-slicing floss that works soooooo much better than a knife.

6. And a ring cutter to use for slicing *layers* in a cake (as opposed to slices).

7. A fancy gold-plated pendant necklace with faux pearls and sparkly stones.

Get it from Amazon for $148.

8. A bulldozer server to help you lift up especially large slices.

Get it from Animi Causa for $16.99.

9. And a more traditional server that knows what you're using it for.

10. An eclectic faux-leather purse to hold all your cake-buying funds.

Get it from 6pm for $49.99.

11. A print displaying the most delicious version of the alphabet.

12. Soft microfleece pajama pants to keep you cozy and warm all winter.

Get them at Avenue for $21.

13. Microwavable mugs to use for making mug cakes (when you're too hungry to wait for an *actual* cake to bake).

14. Soap to help wash away frosting after you devour a slice or two (or five).

15. A samurai sword that'll make you feel incredibly badass while cutting up a bundt.

Get it from Soho Design Shop for $11.90.

16. A phone case that'll give you a sugar high.

17. Caramels that (miraculously!) taste like birthday cake.

Get them from Sugarfina for $7.50.

18. An ornament that'll turn a Christmas tree into a pastry case.

19. A plate featuring a superhero we can only dream of seeing in a summer blockbuster.

20. An exercise tank for people who prefer pastries to green juice.

21. A print that combines bunnies with cake (the combo you never knew you needed).

22. A cake-shaped gift box filled with body wash, bubble bath, lotion, bath salts, and a sponge.

Get it from Asos for $20.

23. And some birthday cake bath bombs for good measure.

24. A customizable stencil to ensure you always get the proper portion size.

25. A pencil to fill with chocolate instead of lead.

Get it from Animi Causa for $13.99.

26. A beautiful metallic lace cake stand in silver or gold.

27. A "sprinkle"-covered blanket and pillow to top off a couch.

Get them from Human for $47.20 (the blanket) and $27.20 (the pillow).

28. A book filled with ~magical~ ways to mix and match different flavors whenever you bake.

29. And a pretty pastel notebook to write your own recipes in.

30. A mug printed with the TRUE definition of fondant.

31. And (if you're willing to splurge) cake slice purses *almost* look edible.

Get them from Rommy de Bommy on Etsy for $111+.

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