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You Might Think These Are Pictures Of Food But Actually They Are Pictures Of Socks

Make your feet look good enough to eat.

Look at these pancakes. Stare at this stack. Don't they look delicious? What a scrumdiddlyumptious treat.....

....for your feet.

They're socks! Socks that look like food!

Otaku Mode has a whole array of food-inspired socks that'll make your stomach grumble whenever you look down at your toes.

They're all $7.59 (with the exception of the sushi socks gift box—that's $18.99 and comes with three pairs).

There are doughnuts.

If you wear socks that look like doughnuts, your feet will magically smell like doughnuts. That's just the way science works.

And coffee.

Check out that foam artistry.

And toast. And baguettes. And cinnamon rolls.

Is this a bakery or the contents of a sock drawer? WHO CAN TELL?

You just ~unpeel~ them from their food form, slip 'em on, and you're good to go.

Just be careful where you put your feet—someone *may* try to take a bite out of them.

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