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25 Tricks Every Lazy Person Needs To Know

Couch Potatoes "R" Us.

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3. Purchase your new official uniform.

Proof that couch potatoes aren't always slovenly: They can be cute! Super cute. But they're never seen in the wild, so once you slip into this thing, don't even THINK of venturing out into fresh air. Not allowed.


6. A robotic cleaner (like a Roomba) will keep your home from getting foul while you make your way through every season of Frasier.

No one wants to veg out in an unclean atmosphere.


8. While robots can tidy up your floors for you, they're no help when it comes to your own...odors. That's where a diffuser comes in handy.

You're undoubtably completely fragrant... but just in the off chance you may be a wee bit stinky, this ultrasonic gadget will have your living room smelling of jasmine (or whatever scent you choose) in no time.

9. Buy a Comfortable Reach USB Charger so your phone doesn't run out of power as you endlessly gaze at Instagram while you lounge.

Phone and tablet charger cords are notoriously short, but this one is 15 feet long with three USB ports (so you can charge a few devices at once).


15. Get a caddy to set all your essentials on: remotes, snacks, your phone and laptop... you get the drift.

A coffee table also works, but this is better because you can also use it like a makeshift desk. Couch potatoes can accomplish things and get shit done; they just do so in comfort.


17. If you're going to be sitting on the couch all day (and night), eventually you'll need to change the lighting situation: The time has come to install The Clapper.

18. If The Clapper is too old fashioned for you, get some LIFX bulbs you can control using your phone.

You can even change the color of light they emit. Watching a scary movie? Red tint. Scared after watching a scary movie? Switch to a soothing blue.


22. Working on your fitness from the couch isn't impossible: Slide up to the edge of your seat and use this elliptical trainer for a bit.|CategoryWidget|830367p&catId=L2_ForHer|L1_Gifts

...and then just slide back and return to relaxing when you're done (you athlete, you).

25. Finally, while couch life is unquestionably the best life, some people just don't understand; some people actually want you to venture into other rooms... that's when you need a telepresence.|CategoryWidget|893669p&catId=L2_AppControlDevices|L1_Electronics

"Honey! Lexie is taking her first steps!"

"Just a minute, baby."

*continues to watch TV and sends iPad off into the other room*