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33 Amazing Gifts Anyone Who’s Always Cold Would Love To Receive

Bye bye goosebumps.

1. A wearable sleeping bag that'll keep you warm in temperatures down to 45°F.

When you first start wearing it, your friends may laugh, but soon they'll be jealous of how toasty you are (you just clip up the bottom to make it easier to walk around the campsite...or your home).

Get it from REI for $59.93 (available in two colors and regular, long, and short sizes).

2. A snuggly faux-fur beanbag.

3. A space heater that's less than 7 inches tall.

Use it in your office, dorm room, or right beside your bed.

Get it from Amazon for $18.36.

4. A pair of headphones that will protect your ears from the cold.

5. A multi-tasking seat cushion that'll keep you toasty *and* massage your back.

6. Or a drape-able heating device specifically designed for larger chairs (like ones you'd find in a living room).

7. A hand-warmer that can also recharge your phone and light your way (thanks to its built-in flashlight).

There are two temperature settings, plus a "warmer pouch" to "enhance warmth in extreme cold conditions."

Get it from Amazon for $36.97.

8. Or plush hand warmers to use while you're at work.

9. A mat that'll keep your feet warm when you get out of the shower.

10. A heated toilet seat (because if any body part deserves the very best, it's your ass).


Get it from Amazon for $139.

11. And warming bars or a bin for your towels.

Suddenly your semi-dingy bathroom feels like a spa.

Get them both from Amazon for $69.99 (the bars) or $79 (the bin).

12. Slippers that are basically like miniature sleeping bags for your feet.

13. And dragon-shaped slippers that light up whenever you take a step.

14. A sweatshirt cape that'll turn you into Little Grey Cozy-Hood.

Get it from The Grommet for $99 (available in two sizes).

15. A warming fox pillow to hunker down with on a cold day.

16. A microwavable body wrap to help with neck/shoulder/knee/etc. pain...or to just make you a bit less chilly while you watch a movie.

Get it from Amazon for $13.76.

17. A sherpa fleece mattress pad that'll heat up your entire bed (without bothersome bulky wires to feel Princess-and-the-Pea-style).

18. Heated insoles to slip into your shoes.

19. And fleece sock liners to make rubber boots more cushy.

These are ~technically~ for Hunter boots, but they'll work in other brands as well.

Get them from Hunter or Amazon for $30.

20. A heated outdoor lounge for brisk summer nights.

21. A sherpa fleece jacket you'll never want to take off.

22. An impossibly soft throw to swaddle yourself in like a giant baby.

Get it from Anthropologie for $98.

23. Or an electric blanket to bring the warmth to the next level.

24. A pouch to warm up your pajamas before you go to bed at night.

25. A dispenser that'll keep you from ever feeling cold lotion again.

Not only is heated lotion less chilly, it also rubs in and moisturizes better.

Get it from Amazon for $22.51.

26. Biotech fleece pants with a wind-proof layer that'll tell cold air to fuck off.

27. Leather gloves with a special lining that actually *stores* heat.

28. A miniature electric stove with an attractive retro design.

29. A furry Chewbacca drink sleeve to protect your hands from frosty glasses, cans, and bottles.

30. A stadium seat that'll keep your buns warm for up to 6 hours at the next football game you attend.

To keep your frigid rear in good cheer.

Get it from The Grommet for $64.95 (they also have a heated folding chair).

31. A comfy robe that's totally the cat's meow.

32. And a Pusheen hat to keep your ears nice and snug.

33. Finally, a pair of mittens with a hidden flask.

If the actual mittens won't keep you warm, maybe some whiskey will.

Get them from Amazon for $17.85.

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