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21 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A hamburger-shaped backpack, sooooooo many gel pens, and 19 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

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Psst! Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and registries most often.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:


2. A whopping (whopping!) 240 gel pens to color and write with to your heart's content.

Promising review: "Best gel pens I have used and I have bought many trying to find 'the perfect' ones. These come very close. The flow is even, they do not bleed thru. Colors are so varied and are beautiful. The size of the head is perfect for easily staying within the lines." —Sandra M. Harman

Price: $25.98

5. A retro floral dress that'll have you dreaming of spring.,

Promising review: "This is the most beautiful dress I've tried on in a long time. I feel like Audrey Hepburn when I put it on. It is really well-made and has great fabric." —Diane Courts

Price: $30.99


6. Gentle lemon lavender bubble bath for babies (or anyone with sensitive skin).

Promising review: "This is the best bubble bath we've come across! The bubbles last for my son's entire bath! He loves bubbles and other ones we've tried (like 5 others) couldn't even compare. The smell is very pleasant and gentle. My son has never had an irritation from this. The bottle is large so it lasts a long time. Best bubble bath!!" —MakeupartistJen22

Price: $16.49

9. An appliance for making scrumptious frozen desserts out of fruit.

Promising review: "Great product! We've made sorbet with it every day since it arrived. Great to be able to make delicious and healthy desserts. Even my 4-year-old is able to help with making the sorbet and it makes healthy eating so much fun!" —Yehuda Horowitz

Price: $39.99


11. Plaid infinity scarves in a variety of different color combinations.

Promising review: "Scarf is very well made and super soft and the plaid colors are very pretty! Will go great with almost anything." —Kay Cassell

Price: $10.99

12. Deodorizers to freshen up the stinkiest areas of your home.

Promising review: "Already working. Hung one above the kitty litter this morning and it's already killing the smell." —Zesuma

Price: $21.95 (for a pack of four)

13. A book for monkey enthusiasts (young and old).

Promising review: "This fun-to-read illustrated book artfully organizes a large quantity of visual and written information about monkeys. I appreciate the smart use of design tools to lay out and organize dense information in a way that can be easily read. I bought one of these for my son, read it, then sent another to my nephew for his birthday." —Lucile

Price: $13.83


15. A cast-iron Dutch oven that comes preseasoned and ready to go.

Promising review: "I love this. I'm making beef stew in it as I type this review. This dutch oven comes pre-seasoned, so all I had to do prior to my first use was wash it with hot water and oil it." —K.M.B.

Price: $21.99

16. And a beautiful oven mitt to carry it with.

Promising review: "I love these oven mitts (bought two). The design is light and cheerful, and the other side is a solid color so I won't feel so badly if I spill food on that side! Also, they are longer than the usual ones I buy and hopefully will prevent the wrist burns I frequently get from the oven rack! Couldn't be happier. Thanks." —Not Enough Hours In My Day

Price: $10.49


21. Plus (omg) a Steven Universe–inspired hamburger backpack.

Promising review: "THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING ITEM I HAVE EVER BROUGHT. It looks exactly like Steven's from the show! It's not only the realistic and iconic look that makes it the greatest bag I have ever seen, it's also the storage capacity. It's capable of holding many more items then meets the eye. Whether you're going on a trip, playing around, or going on a magical mission to save the world from the Cluster, you can hold all your needs in it. EVEN THE CHEESE IS A POCKET! People who dislike this item are CLODS!" —Amazon Customer

Price: $44.98


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