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37 Products Under $15 That Are Basically Already In Your Shopping Cart

♫ Less than $16 / None over $15 / They know that they're so cheaaaaaap ♫

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1. A hand-shaped cookie cutter. Make a tray of hands giving the thumbs up for your friends and a tray of hands flipping the bird for your enemies.

2. A caddy to save your poor, oh-so-sensitive fingers when you're taking a hot plate or bowl out of the microwave.

It'll fit plates and bowls between 5 and 10 & 1/2 inches wide. It also catches spills from ~bubbling over~ incidents.

Promising review: "I didn't know I needed this until I read the description. Now I wonder how I lived in the microwave age without it. It supports a bowl of soup perfectly and prevents spills and splatters as well. I cannot recommend this highly enough if you want to keep your fingers whole and your soup unspilled." —Marc W. Barta

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

3. A gorgeous translucent travel cup you can use for hot or cold drinks.


5. A "decomposition" (it's made from post-consumer-waste) book.

It's printed with soy ink so it can be recycled *again* after you're finished writing in it.

Get one from Amazon for $8 (check out all the other available designs here).

6. A teeny tiny elephant who longs to wrap her trunk around one of your fingers. Ever so gently.

7. A serrated blade for making crinkle-cut fries or pickle chips at home.

Easy to chop with. Easy to clean. Easy all around.

Promising review: "My wife loves this knife and constantly uses it for cutting cheese cubes, carrots, potatoes, chocolate fudge, or desert bars. It adds a lot when it comes to presentation, without making more work. The kids even seem more eager to eat carrots when they're chopped with this. Go figure 😀. A great addition to your kitchen!" —Rivendell

Get it from Amazon for $6.93.


9. A pug to faithfully and dutifully hold your pen until you're ready to begin writing your masterpiece. Or just a note that says, "get toilet paper."

10. A passport for keeping track of experiences, rather than the countries you've visited.

Promising review: "Neat book with unusual ideas for experiences that even an eclectic young adult hasn't thought of. Some take only a little time, and some are ongoing projects. Some are solo, introverted sorts of tasks, while others require going out and socializing. Pretty cool mix." —A.M. Lighter

Get it from Amazon for $6.64.


12. Creature Clash!—a witty, strategic card game where you create new creatures out of real-life animals.

After making a new creature, you use it to attack the creatures of your fellow game players.

Promising review: "My kids begged for this game after playing it with friends. Not only do they like creating outrageous monsters (ahem...creatures), but they really have to use their brains to play: they need to add up points with each turn to see whose creature wins, and they have to read their silly creature's name and attributes. Even though my 6 year old is still learning to read and add, he can easily play with the help of his sister. It's really challenging his mind and encouraging him to read and add. It's is one of those games kids can play by themselves, but that adults can enjoy, too." —KMC

Get it from Amazon for $11.26 (there's also a coloring book).

15. The cutest flashlight you've ever seen. Buy one for your kids or just to keep under your bed (in case of "oh shit, the power's out" emergencies.... or "oh fuck, I'm still scared of the dark" ones).

It needs two AA batteries to run.

Promising review: "My daughter loves her new flashlight. It's not *super* bright, but bright enough to use when needed. I got it for camping this summer, but she loves using it around the house (in her play tent to read / play with the lights out." —Crystal6183

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.


16. A box filled with 100 animal-themed postcards by ten different artists—send 'em or frame 'em, both options are totally valid.

The cards feature the work of Katharine Barnwell, Ben Giles, David Howell, Charlotte Linton, Geoffrey Martin, Happy Menocal, Alice Pattullo, Sirichai, Adrien Vermont, and Kazumi Yoshida.

Get the set from Amazon for $13.89.

17. A liquid eyeliner pen that dries quickly, lasts for twelve hours, and helps you get flawlessly clean lines.,

Promising review: "This is the ONLY product out of all of my makeup (I'm a makeup junkie) that I get from drugstores. No high-end beauty stores or brands have a liquid liner that comes close to this." —AnnaXO

Get it from Amazon for $6.40.

19. "Aww"-worthy "milk bottles" filled with correction tape—they'll actually have you hoping to make a mistake.


21. Cruelty and chemical-free, all-natural, hypoallergenic laundry detergent pods for bright, clean, stain-free clothing.

22. A bottle of deep-cleansing moisturizing, pore tightening, baby-skin-creating "freshener."

Promising review: "Etude House is my bae!! This stuff is great! Wish I could fill my whole cabinet with this brand, as it really seems to work with my acne-prone skin. This really tightens my pores and makes my whole morning and night routine that much smoother. Love, love, LOVE it!!! Will be repurchasing when it's gone. ❤️ The best freshener ever!!!" —Virginia J. Mcwilliams

Get it from Amazon for $10.44.


25. A headphone splitter keyring—it'll make it easier to share the latest song you're ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED WITH with your friend.

Promising review: "I absolutely love sharing music with friends and partners. This headphone splitter takes sharing music to a whole new level. It's already fun to share music, but then to listen to music at the same time with someone when no one else can hear it makes it even more personal. This is one of my favorite things I have purchased my whole life. The keychain design is really convenient: I just keep it with my keys." —Rene

Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in four different colors).


28. A (super cheap!) bag o' 80 building blocks anyone who ever has young children visiting their home should own. Your boyfriend's niece will appreciate your purchase.

Promising review: "My almost son's absolute favorite toy. He's a pro, building as tall as he can, or just playing with a few. He has them all over tje house because he's always playing with them. I'm really happy about the quality, colors, and that they're big enough for his hands. I play with them, his 13 year old brother plays with them, his dad, friends, family—haha. We got him a little dump truck that fits the blocks, and for his birthday, I'm getting the play table that goes with them." —Amazon Customer

Get them from Amazon for $14.99.

31. Slimed DIY so you can learn how to make amazingly gooey slime at home.


32. A hydrating balm for lips that feel like they've been wandering through a desert for eons.


Get it from Glossier for $12 (available in six different varieties).


The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.