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    Here Are 47 Unique Things That'll Make Your Home Stand Out From The Crowd

    Unique New York unique New York unique...wherever it is that you live.

    1. A fence window for dogs who take their neighborhood watch shifts seriously. Put this in your fence so your neighbors have a chance to peep your pup's cute face as they walk by.

    2. A glam toilet paper print that'll have your throne room looking upscale and elegant. If you enjoy decorating a room based around one piece of decor, you'll be on a ~roll~ starting off with this print!

    chanel toilet paper roll print

    3. A wireless library light you can use to highlight favorite books or pieces of art in your home. It has both warm and cool light settings, so it can easily match your seasonal aesthetic shift.

    4. An extra-large floor mirror that'll practically add another room to your apartment...just don't try to walk through it.

    giant square floor mirror with rounded edges on the top in a styled living room

    5. A pack of lightweight glue-on foam ceiling tiles for covering up popcorn ceilings or for giving your plain white walls a sensational new style.

    6. A firework chandelier — a modern statement piece that's gonna enhance your front hallway, showing all your guests you REALLY know how to make an entrance.

    dining room with the chandelier glowing a cool light above the table

    7. A wall panel headboard set for upgrading your bedroom, living room, or entryway with wall art that is both functional and good-looking. Go ahead, make any room in your home look like it was plucked straight out of a 5-star hotel.

    8. An X-ray floral wall decal to add some oomph to any room. This oddly gorgeous option is a great way to give a plain space some life, even if you aren't into frilly florals.

    white bathroom with giant flower decals behind bathtub

    9. A quilted chenille floor pillow — an eclectic option for anyone in an apartment so small, "furniture" is a word that needs a little wiggle room...because your apartment has none at all.

    10. A yarn tapestry that'll give a soft, calming texture to a stark wall. I love a wall full of prints with my whole heart, but fiber art is a game-changing trend I am falling for HARD.

    swooping yarn connected to a leveled stick

    11. A disco ball you're gonna need to bounce light all around your room if you're still deep into Folklore and want those "Mirrorball" vibes IRL.

    12. A rocket ship cat condo that'll look outta this WORLD adorable in your home.

    four level rocket ship shaped cat tree with three cats climbing on it

    13. A set of carriage door magnets — throw these snazzy things on your garage and you're gonna make your sedan feel sensational every time you pull into the driveway.

    14. A gallon of self-priming paint made free of toxic solvents — a great choice for anyone who likes changing the paint in their home as often as they change their hair color.

    Gallon of Clare paint and the 5-piece paint kit against a grey blue background

    15. And a can of front door and shutter paint that's gonna dry in under an hour. So go ahead, change your home's exterior whenever inspiration strikes! Butter yellow shutters and a bright red door? A delight!

    16. A wildflower rug for stylish souls who love an abstract "bringing the outside in" decor theme. Yes I would like floral-print *everything*, thank you very much.

    abstract floral rug in many colors

    17. And a floral throw pillow that's gonna add a cute and cushy touch to your indoor meadow.

    18. A gorgeous glass lamp I simply believe none of us should live without. Put this in your office, stat! I promise it'll light up your life.

    the bulbous lamp with attached shade, all made of glass, in a tortoise shell pattern

    19. A faux-wood tea light candleholder you ~wood~ be sorry to miss out on! This decor is as cozy as it is cool! Throw this in your nonfunctioning fireplace and turn it into a spot worth cuddling up beside.

    20. A polka-dot switch plate is gonna totally ~switch~ up your space, even if you don't have money for new furniture.

    Abstract painted dots with gold plated switch plates

    21. Vibrant porcelain bowls with mismatched patterns that'll, naturally, make every meal more colorful. Looking at you, oatmeal.

    22. A Memphis rug to make sure even your floors have a hearty dose of darling personality.

    Beige tasseled rugs on top of each other. Both have several different materials and colorful, geometric shapes

    23. A squirrel and bird photograph featuring some a-corny cuties — I don't even have a baby and I want to have a nursery full of these in my home. Find your favorite photos from this collection and you can bring some much needed whimsy into your everyday.

    24. A leopard-print duvet cover for showing off your wild-child side when you live in the city but that jungle life is calling your name. Rawr.

    Leopard print bedding

    25. A Casper Snow Pillow — this supportive foam pillow is cool on both sides, which means your house guests are gonna insist on staying an extra night after sleeping on unique luxury like this!

    26. A customizable shelf unit that'll show off your family anthem with pride.

    Shallow wooden shelves with words "Home is where we take our pants off" in acrylic lettering

    27. An orb chandelier is sure to delight modern design-minded folks who want a statement piece that literally lights up a room.

    28. A 32-piece wall sticker set of cheery tangerine leaves that are gonna show off your fresh take on decor by instantly improving any plain white walls.

    White wall with several tangerine leafs stuck on

    29. An art deco flush mount to replace the sad lighting on your rental's ceilings.