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    29 Things For The Ultimate Star Wars Party

    When you tell these products, "I love you," they will simply say, "I know."

    1. Star Wars Galactic Baking, a cookbook that's gonna help you whip up some celebratory snacks that are, naturally, out of this world.

    book cover showing marshmallow treats that look like fighter ships in star wars

    2. A Death Star cheeseboard for folks who don't mind how cheesy their love of Star Wars (and sharp cheddar) really is.

    two-piece round wooden cheeseboard with print of the death star on one and an indented storage with four cheese cutting tools on the other

    3. A pair of lightsaber chopsticks that'll have your guests all aglow when dinner is served.

    4. An inflatable BB-8 sure to make your Halloween party extra terrestrial...I mean, extra special.

    Halloween themed BB8 with a banner that says trick or treat

    5. A Wicket and Chewbacca cardboard cutout can help beef up the number of "bodies" around when you realize your boo fully intends on sneaking out halfway through your movie marathon. Excuse me. 12 movies isn't too much. It's not enough!

    6. A lightsaber popsicle holder – it's gonna be beloved by your littlest Star Wars fan. They're gonna think these useful holders are especially sweet!

    six popsicles with felt saber ends

    7. A complete party set with enough fixin's for 16 people (we're talkin' napkins, plates, stickers, and a table cover). This set has 152 stickers aaand a special Porg pin for the birthday champ.

    several plates, napkins, and stickers of star wars themes and characters

    8. A wedding book alternative you can have on display if your love of Star Wars is what brought you two kooky kids together. That *or* your sweetheart simply loves you enough to let your fandom shine on your special day.

    millenium falcon clear plate with wood cut hearts in a laser printed box beside it

    9. And chair signs for couples who plan on never living life ~solo~ again.

    couple sitting side by side. the back of one chair has a sign that reads i love you and the other sign says i know

    10. A darksaber table lamp – it's gonna be AWESOME decor when you and your friends get together to watch The Mandalorian all over again. Place it by your snack table so everyone is able to see their treats without taking away from the ambiance Jon Favreau gifted us with.

    mini darksaber table lamp glowing in the dark

    11. A golf ball set with 20 tees and three balls to give to the fan in your life whose idea of a "party" is a day alone on a golf course.

    one death star, r2d2, and bb8 gold ball with several tees that say may the course be with you

    12. A pack of three beach balls you can use as decor or entertainment during your next friend or family get-together. No matter what you do with them, people are sure to have a ball with these!

    13. A cake topper that'll properly express your feelings about the new creature coming into your life. If your baby shower theme isn't "Grogu-ga-ga," then you're doing it wrong.

    frosted cake with the child and the mandelorian cake topper that says oh boy

    14. A Legion flag for decorating your place with juuust enough dark side stuff to let the goths in your group feel represented. They may be bad, but DANG does the dark side know how to brand!

    bold red and black flag with first order and storm trooper head on the front

    15. A patterned rolling pin is gonna help you make impressive treats with practically no effort on your part. It's like using the force, and only for good (i.e., cookies).

    two rolling pins beside several baked sugar cookies with imprints from the pins

    16. A pack of understated napkins that'll give your guests a sneak-peak of what they're in for...considering they thought they were simply coming over for a dinner party. Paddy frog snacks, anyone?

    gray napkin with the logo for star wars in the center

    17. A beanbag pillow to offer the guest of honor if they feel like being a ~rebel~ and skipping out on the couch.

    model lounging on the bean bag while playing video games. there is a rebel logo in the top corner.

    18. A box of 12 sugar cookies that just might be too cute to eat. I'm gonna annihilate these cookies like the Death Star got Alderaan. Too soon??

    several cookies with printed star wars characters in the frosting on top

    19. Or a paint-your-own cookie kit that'll be a fun activity for the little Jedis at your party who want to master the art of the force.

    two cookies with a star wars character on each. they have been painted with m&m chocolates that are placed on a third cookie to look like a painting pallet. it comes with a small wooden easel.

    20. A Death Star cooler so you can enjoy a themed party (with cold drinks) even from far far away.

    padded cooler with minimalist death star logo on the lid

    21. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook, a step-by-step guide through the delectable dishes from the edges of the universe. Follow these recipes and you're sure to make Thanksgiving EXTRA special this year. Turkey? I don't know her.

    cover of book showing two taco-like meals served on top of mixed greens

    22. A personalized Jedi hooded towel for transforming a birthday party at the beach into Padmé's favorite Naboo swimming spot.

    23. A Darth Vader and stormtrooper salt and pepper shaker that'll add some spice to your standard party fare.

    one darth vador pepper shaker shaped from the shoulders up and a matching storm trooper version for salt

    24. A pair of groomsman socks so you can celebrate your special day with a gift that's sure to knock the socks off your wedding party.

    several pairs of socks with different star wars character illustrations, a wedding date, and the role of the wedding participant printed on the sides

    25. A Millenium Falcon backdrop that'll be the perfect centerpiece for photo booth shoots, blowing out the candles, and blasting through the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

    two-piece cardboard backdrop that looks like a spaceship cockpit

    26. Star Wars Origami 2, a book filled with an engaging activity for the kids at your child's birthday party. If you somehow gave birth to a Star Wars fan when you don't even know who Luke Skywalker's sister is, this is here to help you seem in-the-know.

    cover of book

    27. A pack of 12 cupcake toppers so dang darling you just might consider watching one of these movies with your family at some point. That four-legged robot in the center is like a cute and cuddly space pet, right??

    cupcakes with watercolor toppers featuring several different ships and machines in star wars

    28. A pack of printable food cards to organize the treats you make with some cards that have some punch.

    several cards with cartoonish star wars characters and themes like yoda soda, force fries, and edible ewoks.

    29. And, finally, birthday invitation downloads so you can get this Star Wars party started before the actual event even begins!

    storm trooper card with rsvp and address information

    Sorry Spock, better luck next year.