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    28 Products That'll Help You Get A Jump Start On Spring Cleaning

    Use these and you can avoid cleaning again until *next* spring.

    1. A wood and leather conditioner and all purpose concentrate — two handcrafted *masterpieces* for people who fully believe a clean home is a work of art worthy of high-quality products.

    2. A box of chore sticks to help your kiddos stick with keeping the house clean by making the process seem slightly more like fun and games.

    Child holding up large popsicle stick that says "clean bedroom"

    3. A powder polish for giving your kitchenware a well-deserved scrub after you watch Beauty and the Beast and start feeling guilty about the condition of your own flatware friends.

    4. A pack of oxo-biodegradable bags because, despite Punxsutawney Phil's predictions, yard work is just around the corner. Grab these bags so you can clean up grass and leaves without creating plastic trash in the process.

    Roll of garbage bags

    5. A pack of melamine erasers — they're gonna clean your walls so well it'll be like your daughter's abstract-marker masterpiece never ended up on your living room wall in the first place.

    6. A natural room spray set — grab this set of three and keep them in the rooms that seem to always be smelling up your space. Bathrooms, mud rooms, and *cough* your teen's room *cough* are sure to be a spray away from smelling fresh!

    Three bottles, two strays and one dropper bottle

    7. A powerful no-rinse stain remover that'll remove every accidental spill in your space. Yes, even the red wine you inevitably drop when Wanda Vision gets too intense.

    8. A kitchen brush set designed to give you a zero-waste cleaning solution, because you shouldn't ~brush~ off eco-friendly options when it comes to keeping your place lookin' perfect.

    A cardboard box with bamboo tools and towels

    9. A pack of three biodegradable cleaning wipes that'll clean up every surface of your place until it shines bright like a diamond (well, bright like freshly scrubbed linoleum).

    10. A pumice stone – it's gonna break apart the worst hard water buildup on toilets and tubs and truly ~rock~ your world.

    11. A disinfectant spray that works on upholstry, backpacks, luggage, cushions, and other hard surfaces, killing 99.9% of most bacteria, fungi, and the like. This is great for parents who are making sure their surfaces don't just look clean, but are actually the-baby-will-be-licking-this-sofa-today clean.

    Spray can of product

    12. A foaming garbage disposal cleaner that'll clean out your sink so your landlord doesn't dispose of your deposit when you try and move out this summer.

    13. A jetted tub cleaner for jets that have filled with dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria-filled buildup because your "treat yourself" baths did not involve cleaning up afterwards.

    Bath tub bubbled up with brown spots where the jets are being cleaned out

    14. A squeegee broom you're especially gonna want when spring hits and with it, your Irish setter's shedding season.

    15. An all-natural sampler pack for folks trying out a more eco-friendly cleaning system, and want to find a high-quality product in a smell that they love.

    Several bottles of cleaning products in small bottles

    16. A roll of machine washable reusable bamboo towels that'll be great for your place, and *our* place...Mother Nature will totally thank you.

    17. A fume-free oven cleaner – it's gonna eliminate all evidence of the lasagna you attempted to make...turns out tomato sauce looks an awful lot like a crime scene. Now you know.

    Hand with sponge wiping off grime from oven

    18. A box of OxiClean stain remover that'll wash every slip, spill, and stain that comes your way.

    19. A two-pack of Bon Ami — people have been using it since 1886 to polish windows, mirrors, ceramic, cast iron, and more! Use this and you can show off your clean surfaces (and historical knowledge) during your dorm's next cleaning check.

    Can of Bon Ami with the product spread onto a tabletop

    20. A drill brush kit that'll make the *one* power tool you own a tad more useful.

    21. A hand vacuum to help make your bed a clean place to rest your head, even if it is also the place you go to secretly eat from your roommate's bag of chips when they're out jogging.

    Handheld vacuum between a tight fit from wall to sofa

    22. A hanging bamboo scrub brush – it's gonna clear off your grout and tiles so well, you're gonna forget those Airbnbers even stood in your shower.

    23. A pack of copper mesh wire scourers that'll scrape away the mess left behind from the Pinterest fail that basically killed your kitchen.

    Several bright scouring pads placed on dishes

    24. A lovely scented cleaning vinegar for an organic way to uplift your space this year.

    Cleaner bottle on bathroom sink

    25. An automatic pool cleaner — it may remind you of every terrifying pool scene in Paranormal Activity, but it'll also clean your pool so well it's scary.

    Large automatic cleaner beside pool

    26. A microwave cleaner so you can easily wipe away the build-up in your microwave before anyone gets mad about the mess.

    27. A multi-surface polish that'll basically make every surface in (and outside) your home a shiny mirror until next year.

    Two PVC chairs in backyard. One covered in weathered stains and gray, the other white and clean after being washed with product.

    28. And a darling bottle brush set, because spring is a time for babies and thus, bottles that have gotta be washed.

    What your place is gonna feel like once spring cleaning is over:

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