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34 Splurge-Worthy Gifts They're Sure To Treasure Forever

Because your (insert lovable relation here) is worth it.

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Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!)

1. A pair of aerating wineglasses that'll really and truly improve the taste of the cheap wine you and your BFF gulp down on all your The Bachelorette viewing nights.

2. A pair of Bose QuietComfort noise-cancelling headphones so they can ~tune out~ from time to time.

Bose headphones in black

3. A splurge-worthy Samsung Frame for the interior design-minded among us who don't want quality wall space taken over by a big blank screen. With this *amazing* gift, they just happen to get a luxury television at the same time.

4. A stainless-steel cold brew maker to give the lovable MONSTER in your life who believes cold brew is a year-round beverage.

Stainless steel cold brew maker with spout, sitting in fridge

5. A Tuft & Needle pillow designed to be cool, breathable, soft, and supportive at times when they'll need it most.

A lifestyle shot of the pillows splayed across an unmade bed

6. A truly mouthwatering caviar flight with enough caviar to serve up to 10 people. Simply select from the domestic, international, and imported caviar options (you get three!). This gift is so good they just might think it's ~fishy~ that they're getting it. And let's be real, they totally owe you after this.

Full caviar kit with three jars, packet of blinis, creme, and carrier bag

7. A pair of long-distance lamps – a thoughtful gift that's gonna be a ~bright~ idea to share with loved ones who are far away.

8. A Tarte Cosmetics Shape Your Money Maker Vault for throwing some (lovable) ~shade~ at the preciously particular makeup enthusiast in your life.

9. An app-driven indoor garden – a thoughtful gift your family can go in on if one of your siblings left your hometown for the city and misses having a garden out back. This guides users through the vegetation's care from seedlings to salad! And all (get this) while staying inside!

A minimalist, bookshelf-sized planter with shelves for hidden filtration system and storage, two growing decks, lights, and dozens of full grown plants

10. A stand up paddleboard and paddle for introducing your S.O. to a truly fun outdoor activity, even if they prefer being an inside cat.

11. An Embark dog DNA test that'll find your fluffer's family connected to over 250 dog breeds (including wolf, coyote, and village dog ancestry!).

Dog chewing on test packaging

12. And a 23andMe DNA geographic ancestry or ancestry traits kit – both break down percentages of ancestral roots with nothing but some snail-mailed spit! Grab this for your family-history-loving grandparents and show them what history and modern technology can do together.

13. A Vitamix immersion blender because soup season is upon us aaaand if you give this to the home chef in your life you MIGHT get some sensational dinners from it. Just be sure to help with the prep work.

Person using blender to make an iced drink inside a glass jar

14. An Airfly wireless transmitter that'll connect their AirPods (or any wireless headphones) to things like airplane seats, no Bluetooth needed!! The traveler in your life could potentially cry tears of joy over this gift. Be prepared. Have tissues on hand.

15. A massively upgraded luxury office chair with superb lumbar support, a heating feature, AND MASSAGE SETTINGS, so while they WFH they can work out all the kinks in their upcoming presentation *and* the kinks in their back. At the saaame time.

16. A portable ice cube maker so your roommate can have all the ice they want and never have to remember to fill the ice cube trays ever again (which means you, finally, will get some ice). Passive-aggressive presents are worth their weight in gold!

White ice maker with removable ice cube cubby sitting on kitchen counter

17. A Furbo for pet parents who hate leaving their little one at home. Get this for easing their separation anxiety – it allows them to throw treats, talk, and look in on their pupper any time of day.

18. A ceramic nonstick cookware set to give your younger sibling if, after visiting their first apartment, you realize they fully plan on living off of cereal...judging by the lack of *any* kitchen tools in the place.

pot set in yellow

19. A mystery jungle box with four small plants customized to work with the lighting available in any home. You'll be surprised by how much they love having new ~buds~ around.

20. An indie wine gift with selections that feel almost endless. We're talking red, white, rosé, sparkling, etc. with the option to choose from style, price, and country. Give this gift and everyone is gonna ~wine~ about how they can't ever keep up with your present skills!

A line of different wine bottles all placed in a row on a table

21. A pair of animal protection or LGBTQ support socks from Conscious Step – a gift that'll "give an ordinary purchase, extraordinary purpose."

22. A snazzy sportcoat – a gift that's sure to save the day when weddings pick back up and your S.O. wants exactly one thing they can wear to each and every postponed event.

Model wearing multi-colored sportcoat over jeans

23. A chest filled with chocolate so your parents can know who the ~sweetest~ person in the family really is (it's you).

24. A designer trinket tray sure to add a clean, crisp, and creative touch to their consistently cluttered desk.

25. A thickened winter coat with over 8,000 5-star reviews. Why, you may ask? Because it's filled to the brim with cozy and warm material, and here to make sure your favorite summer-lover doesn't let the chilly weather get them ~down~.

26. A leather belt-making set they can enjoy working on even if they live in sweats.

A strip of worn leather, a metal buckle, a leather attachment, two metal bits, and instructions

27. A pack of Rejuvenating Eye Gels and Restoring Night Eye Gels infused with caffeine and hydrolyzed collagen to bless their skin with intense hydration, while also reducing least until they start crying tears of joy over how great their skin looks and feels.

Person wearing patches under eyes

28. A metal wall mirror with an embroidery hoop-turned mirror vibe that's ~sew~ cool your appreciative pal is gonna wanna hang it up stat!

Kate and Laurel Yitro metal wall mirror

29. A preserved fern ball that requires EXACTLY zero upkeep – they can simply hang this thing up and hang out with it forever more! A plant they won't kill? Worth every penny.

Round moss ball with fern leaves spreading from the top, includes hanging strings

30. A wine decanter sure to help their suspiciously cheap wine taste like an aged Bordeaux and improve any basic bar cart.

Decanter with bottle dripping from above

31. A customizable desk that uses dash panels to help them make the workstation of their dreams – whether they're a crisp and clean minimalist or (like myself) a massive maximalist.

32. A bidet, because your mom has a strict "no potty humor" rule when everyone visits for the holidays. Finding a gift that's gonna say it for you is *chef's kiss* perfection.

33. An essential oil diffuser in a pleasing matte black that's gonna smell like gift-giving success.

Black diffuser and reeds

34. A pair of snazzy dress shoes for letting your dad know you've always wanted to follow in his footsteps, even if you've never wanted to walk in his (choice of) shoes.

Chamberlain Penny Loafers

When it's pretty obvious they love their gift:

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