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    REI Is Having A Sale And I'm Only Staying Inside Long Enough To Fill My Cart

    Right now you can get hiking boots, tents, outdoor tech, and more for up to 30% off.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Gearheads, it's our lucky day! REI is encouraging us to put a hold on our hibernation and enjoy the great outdoors with their Gear Up Get Out Sale.

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    From now until the 25th select gear is 30% off and I am shaking in my (perilously close to being replaced) boots.

    Members also save 20% on one full-priced item and an extra 20% on one REI Outlet item with the code: GEARUP2019 so, you know, use it!

    Here are just a few of our favorite finds from this REI sale:

    1. A pair of Kodiak boots that are insulated, waterproof, and ready to take 👏 you 👏 places👏.


    Promising review: "I love these boots. I was looking for something other than 'fashionista' boots that could handle cold, wintery Wisconsin winters, whether I'm running errands or going out with friends at the local brewery. These fit the bill. They look great (much more polished than standard hiking boots), are so well-made, and the color (Turkish Coffee Whirlpool) is quite fetching. They look great with leggings or jeans and I think they'd look nice with tights and casual dresses. The BIG bonus: they are insulated and waterproof, so I really can wear them anytime I need to be out and about and not have to worry that my toes are wet or freezing. They have plenty of room (I have small but somewhat wide feet, with a high arch and high instep) and my regular size 6 is what I ordered and it fits GREAT. They also feel good on my heels (I have had past issues with plantar fasciitis), no need to wear an insert. These are a clear winner!" —DebG

    Price: $122.49 (originally $175, available in three colors and sizes 6–11)

    2. A Garmin Instinct GPS watch – the minute this shows up at your door you're gonna know it's ~time~ to leave the house and get hiking! This magic band has a TracBack® feature, meaning it's gonna help you follow the exact same path back if the trail you pick isn't familiar.


    This has a built-in three-axis compass and barometric altimeter with multiple global navigation satellite systems. The battery life last up to 14 days in smartwatch mode, up to 16 hours in GPS mode, and up to 40 hrs. in UltraTrac™ battery saver mode. It monitors your heart rate, activity, and stress and (like all our beloved Garmin picks) it's shock, thermal, and water resistant.

    Promising review: "I need four things in a smartwatch: notifications, always on display, battery life, and ruggedness. Things I don't need (that the industry keeps trying to sell me): apps, games, LTE, LCD/OLED screens. Once you've experienced the nirvana of a two-week battery life, mil-spec construction, and a device that isn't designed to beg for your attention every second of the day you'll laugh at other watch users trying to leek a day or two of life from their tiny, fragile wrist cellphones. If you're thinking of getting a new watch and need something that works and plays as hard as you do, get this one. Thanks for making a device people actually need, Garmin!" —Stephen

    Price: $199.99 (originally $300, available in five colors)

    3. A camp stove with two burners that'll make meals twice as delicious as anything you've been cooking up in that indoor kitchen you have at home.


    This is designed with stainless steel for rust-free storage and has 10,000 BTU burners so you can easily adjust from a simmer to a full-on flame.

    Promising review: "I love cooking at home, and even worked in catering back in my college days. I've used about every different type of stove/range combination you can find...which has always left me disappointed when it came to cooking outdoors while camping. All the older camp stoves I've ever used have a problem creating consistent heat output. This cute little one has been a breath of fresh air. I don't know about the technology at play, but it lets me actually cook. You turn it on, set the dial to the output you want, and you are good. There's no constant tinkering or changing the dial as you cook. Other benefits I like include the small size, cool retro green color, and the ease of popping off the grate to clean the metal below. Things I might improve are sealing the burner heads so food can't get underneath as easy and labeling the dial so I'm not doing it by feel or sound." —AMpizza

    Price: $74.89 (originally $99.95)

    4. A Yakima cargo box with a dimple-textured lid for reducing drag, letting you race to your campsite right after work. This has enough room to store gear for up to four people so...tell your coworkers it's time to camp!


    Those dimples are also designed to create less noise than other roof cargo options and give you a smoother ride. And fun fact: it's made with up to 80% recycled ABS plastic.

    Promising review: "This is a perfect product for any off-road, outdoor enthusiast who is trying to maximize performance and function." —Black Bayou

    Price: $479.19 (originally $599)

    5. A river knife with a three inch, stainless steel blade that's sure to be a ~cut~ above the kitchen knife you were thinking of using in a bind.

    This includes a nylon sheath that'll lock the knife into place. To release it, just squeeze of both sides. P.S., this really is designed to be as safe as possible when you need it out as fast as possible. It has a blunt safety tip with both smooth and serrated cutting edges and a molded thermoplastic rubber for a solid grip, even when your hands are wet. There's a square hole that can be used as a valve wrench for an oxygen tank and a bottle opener on the handle (for slightly more fun reasons).

    Promising review: "This is a great value for the money! Mine is permanently mounted to my kayak. The stainless steel will corrode much slower than carbon steel. It is a pain to sharpen but for an emergency knife – I love it...and I'm picky with cutlery. It's very easy to release – a slight pain to put back in sheath, but that's only a concern if you are using it regularly. I will probably buy another when this one wears out!" —Vince

    Price: $37.39 (originally $49.95)

    6. A hardcase roller for travelers who need luggage as hardcore as they are.


    Promising review: "I took this for a long weekend trip across the country and it was the perfect size for four days (with extra clothes for backup). The two exterior handles make the suitcase a lot easier to lift into overhead bins and the interior dirty/wet clothes storage pocket definitely came in handy (although it’s nice that it’s also removable)." —Kate

    Price: $149.89 (originally $199.95, available in two colors)

    7. A snow helmet that'll protect your noggin when you're tearing down a black diamond and it's doing its best to give you a black eye.


    Promising review: "Excellent fit. This is comfortable and easy to use. It checks the boxes for all the features I want in a helmet. It's great looking, too." —Philabon

    Price: $159.99 (originally $200, available in five colors)

    8. A Patagonia puffer jacket so you can stay cozy and warm even when you insist on running outside at the first sign of snow.


    Promising review: "I was on the hunt for a lighter, synthetic down jacket that would keep me warm in windy San Francisco that would also be practical for outdoor adventures. After pretty extensive research, I decided on this and I'm so glad I did. This jacket is lightweight but also does a great job protecting against the wind. I ordered a small (5'6", 125 pounds, and a larger chest), which is perfect. I can layer a thin, hooded vest underneath to add additional warmth if needed. I could've gone with a medium if I wanted more room. The small isn't too tight and doesn't restrict my movement during outdoor activities." —SFcoloradobuff

    Price: $98.83+ (originally $199, available in 12 colors and sizes XS–XXL)

    9. A pair of snow goggles designed to give you a more detailed view of your surroundings when the pow pow is brilliant, and blinding.


    These filter light wavelengths that cause color confusion to give you a clearer view of your surroundings. They also have a lens treatment (with a hydrophilic, micro-etched surface) to absorb and disperse moisture and prevent fogging.

    Price: $223.99 (originally $280)

    10. A pair of hiking boots with such impressive grip mountain goats are gonna be jealous.


    Promising review: "I do a lot of hiking in New England and the Adirondacks where the terrain is incredibly rocky. I never feel the rocks through these boots. They're so comfortable and they were ready to go right out of the box – no break-in period necessary. I recently fell into waist-deep mud on a hike and my feet stayed dry and warm. Usually I need arch supports but these cup my feet so well that I don't need them. I love that the laces stay tightly laced and the ankles are supportive without digging in." —kellyadk

    Price: $112.49 (originally $150, available in women's sizes 6–11 and two colors)

    11. A Swiss army knife with so many useful odds and ends that your travel companions are sure to say, "Cut it out with that thing and get moving!" But you won't...there will be too many tools to figure out first!


    Don't think I'm kidding because this thing has a large blade, small blade, can opener with small screwdriver, a bottle opener with large screwdriver, and a wire stripper. It also has scissors, pliers with a wire cutter and wire crimper, a wood saw, fish scaler with hook disgorger and ruler, a magnifying glass, corkscrew, and it includes a metal saw with metal file, nail file, nail cleaner, reamer with a sewing eye, a Phillips screwdriver, fine screwdriver, mini screwdriver, *breath* a sports hook, wood chisel, ballpoint pen, straight pin, toothpick, tweezers and key ring. The end.

    Promising review: "I lead full-moon snow shoe outings in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. On the full moon just before Christmas, we came across a pine tree that had fallen across the trail, about seven inches in diameter. Everyone had, of course, to climb over it – just a tad awkward. I decided that it should be removed for everyone's easy access on the trail. I pulled out the saw blade on this knife and proceeded to saw away. People thought I was kidding at first but ten minutes later the tree was cut and removed from the trail. What a FANTASTIC tool this knife is!! It's well worth every penny!!" –OrogenousZones

    Price: $59.89 (originally $79.95)

    12. A base camp tent with two doors and practically more storage space than your apartment, so you can sleep soundly around all your favorite things.


    Promising review: "I love that the set-up of this tent is intuitive – it took less than five minutes. And by myself to boot! The sturdy plastic snap/click closures are a fantastic idea. It was just as easy to disassemble. The tent is well made and of sturdy construction. With vents up top, as well as near the ground to enable air flow during hot summer nights, ventilation is never an issue. The vestibule is a wonderful addition – you can store shoes, etc., outside and get yourself together before heading out into weather, etc. It's also easily tucked away to allow the tent to air out during the day. We tested the tent on the coast of Maine, where it can be hot and oppressive one moment and foggy, windy, and pouring rain the next – it withstood everything that we put it through. No moisture got inside the tent and it was solid under windy conditions. When the weather turned warm, it took all of a minute to lift and turn the tent for better ventilation. It has loads of pockets placed perfectly inside the tent and off of the floor. Zippers are usually my nemesis, but these operated smoothly no matter how tough I was on them. Great tent!" —Lilabiene

    Price: $271.99 (originally $389)

    13. A Smartwool sweater that'll have your favorite adventurer looking downright dashing.


    Price: $115.49 (originally $165, available in men's sizes S–XXL)

    14. A medical kit with equipment for both humans and K-9s, guaranteeing you both have a doggone great (and safe) time!


    This has bandages, sterile gauze dressings, non-adherent dressings, a safety pin, triple antibiotic ointments, antiseptic wipes, alcohol swabs, hydrogen peroxide 3% (to induce vomiting), aspirin packets, antihistamines, tape, Moleskin, nitrile gloves, a saline wound and eye wash, a pet care guide, an emergency blanket for shock and hypothermia, cleaning syringes, EMT shears, a nylon leash, splinter picker/tick remover, a triangular bandage muzzle, and a self-adhering bandage that doesn't stick to fur.

    Price: $37.49 (originally $50)

    15. A lightweight recliner chair to help you sit back and relax when you've been hiking all day and simply want to enjoy the view (without standing up...ever again).


    Promising review: "This is light and compact. Assembly and disassembly takes 30 seconds. It's EXTREMELY comfortable. It's great for the beach, camping, or anytime you need a comfy chair. To top it off, its cool and everyone wants to try it when they see me lounging in it. It's worth the money. I recommend to everyone." —Ryan

    Price: $134.89 (originally $149.95)

    16. A Patagonia travel pack that you're sure to appreciate due to its waterproof exterior, which will be especially useful after the tears of joy you cry when you manage to fit everything you need on the first try.


    Promising review: "I use this for commuting to work (biking and walking) and hikes. It is light, very waterproof, and super comfortable. It works great with a laptop and holds more than enough. The style is nice and an upgrade from the typical commuter pack. I did a lot of research and really glad I ended up with this." —LCD28

    Price: $90.29 (originally $129)

    17. A pair of waterproof binoculars that'll help you keep an eye on your favorite sparrow or swallow and give you a *true* bird's eye view of your favorite places.


    Promising review: "I bought these for novice bird watching and looking for seals and other marine mammals while exploring the Puget Sound. They are lightweight and work wonderfully! The fact that they are waterproof is a bonus as I can take them kayaking or boating. I even can hold my phone up to the eye piece and get fairly decent pictures. If you are looking for more advanced identification of animals, you may want higher end, but for the price, these are great. I'm very happy with my purchase." —Megamoon

    Price: $66.99 (originally $89.95)

    18. A pair of HydroSkin gloves so you can get a grip, literally, when the weather is wet and the waves are getting rather splashy.

    Promising review: "I use these gloves paddling all the time – whenever the water is just a bit too chilly to paddle without hand protection. And especially if I'll be in rough water, surfing, etc, where there's a chance I'll be upside down while playing. They're a huge help keeping my hands a bit warmer and they're thin enough to not feel like I have anything on." —Kayak Hipster

    Price: $29.89 (originally $39.95)

    19. A down sleeping bag is gonna be so heckin' snug you may not ever want to sleep in a traditional bed ever again. Honestly, this thing is gonna give you some seriously luxurious ~down~ time.


    Promising review: "This bag worked well in windy, mid-20s nights with a tent set up on packed snow and ice. I even had to vent out a little heat a few times. It compressed well and fit in my pack the same as my 25-degree bag. I like the shoulder flaps that kept heat in when I moved around. It felt roomy and has comfortable fabric. The moisture that collected from breathing dried quickly in the mornings, so the bag felt dry when I was packing up. I'm very happy with purchase." —NC5000

    Price: $159.99 (originally $187.99)

    20. A water purifier for thirsty folks who can't help but drink all the water they packed before being able to drink in the view at the top of the mountain.


    To purify your water with this, press the activation button and stir! It has an internal battery that can be recharged from any USB power source (it has a low-power indicator). When fully charged you can treat 50L of water. This uses ultraviolet light rays to sterilize clear water by destroying 99.99% of protozoa (including Giardia and Cryptosporidia), bacteria, and even viruses.

    Promising review: "This works great. I just used it for the first time on a trip with lots of water crossings. I kept it on my belt the entire way, stopping and getting clean water as needed. It allowed me to carry less water at a time and, without getting out the tubes and hassle of a normal water pump, I could fill the bottle up as I passed by a creek and purify as I walked. Just make sure the mouth of your water bottle allows for the size of the pen with a little more room for stirring. All the doubt of the item went out the door once I used it." —BigBen9987

    Price: $82.39 (originally $109.95)

    21. A pressure shower so you can breathe in the fresh air without breathing in your B.O. after a particularly difficult trail.


    Just fill the bucket with water and press the foot pump. Boom! Instant shower.

    Promising review: "We take our dog with us everywhere: hiking, mountain biking, swimming at the beach, etc. Needless to say, she gets DIRTY, the car gets DIRTY, everything is dirty. I was hesitant to buy this portable shower, thinking it was bit of a splurge, but now we use all the time – at least once week. She gets hosed off right before getting in the car. It's also great for washing our hands, feet, shoes, etc." —Cycling Nerd

    Price: $74.89 (originally $99.95)

    22. A two-way satellite communicator that'll help you stay in constant communication with others, even during solo hikes far out of cell range. Would it be cool to have a movie made about you? Yes. Do you want that movie to be about how you nearly died while hiking alone in the wilderness? I like to think not.


    Promising review: "I have owned this device for over three months now and its performance is excellent. I've gone over 120 miles with this, hiking through slot canyons in Zion, Utah. Never once has a message failed to send. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to deliver the message but the point is it works. I did an 18-mile solo hike and checked in with my girlfriends every night and got her replies back within minutes. After playing with the default settings I still got around 30 hours on this device on a full charge. I would prefer the buttons to be glow in the dark or come with a backlight because using this device at night can get tricky." —GoneHiking

    Price: $274.99 (originally $350)

    23. A Yakima forklift bike rack is gonna keep your bike safe and snug on the road before your off-road mountain biking adventures.

    Promising review: "I wanted a fork mounted roof rack so my bike wouldn't move around on longer trips. This rack has been a great choice. It's very sturdy and I like that it's a bit lower profile. This rack is not fussy at all to work with. I don't have any issues with loading or unloading, but I'm limber. A nice surprise is that I can fold the rear tire strap back and it stays out of the way while I load." —Devin G.

    Price: $159.19 (originally $199)

    24. A green or blue REI Hydroflask for the wanderlust VSCO girl inside all of us.


    Price: $32.93 (green, originally $44.95), $23.93 (blue, originally $32.95)

    25. A low hiking boot with breathable mesh along the sides so you can get in a real workout without breaking a sweat worrying about blisters.


    Promising review: "These are vented (not waterproof) light-to-medium hikers. They might be the most comfortable I have ever worn. The footbed in these are amazing. They seem well made and they're very supportive and stable – like none other I have ever tried. They have perfect shank and are uber stable." —TJMills

    Price: $82.49 (originally $110, available in two colors and sizes 7–15)

    26. A lightweight sleeping pad with a closed-cell design and heat reflecting film – this'll be so comfortable you may just skip the rest of your backpacking trip to nap. I wouldn't judge.

    Promising review: "I just got back from a trip and at night it was around 15 degrees F. This pad kept me warm and I didn't feel any cold air coming up from under it or through it. My boyfriend was using a different pad and there was such a big difference with the temperatures of our pads (he actually purchased this pad as soon as we got home). I will be purchasing a blow up pad to use in addition to this one because I could still feel the ground under me. Other than that it did its job and I would recommend if you are camping somewhere with colder temperatures." —Mell

    Price: $29.89 (originally $37.39)

    27. A pair of carbon trekking poles sturdy enough to make you the fastest four-legged creature on the forest floor.


    Promising review: "I love how lightweight these are! I received them in the mail and had to lock the poles together. You need to make sure the external lock is unlatched and pull the center pole out until a button appears to lock the poles. Then lock the external latch. Once I figured this out there are no complaints!" —Hiker27

    Price: $148.98 (originally $199.95)

    28. A pair of mighty mittens are gonna keep you so warm your friends are gonna say, "I've gotta ~hand~ it to you, those mittens are pretty great!"


    Promising review: "These gloves are great. I bought them to wear when I went back to visit my family in Wisconsin during one of their many cold snaps. It was below zero for several days and these mitts kept my hands warm. I really appreciated them getting into a cold car in the morning and grabbing onto the steering wheel but not having to feel the cold through my mitts. I have no issue with these gloves. They are warm, fit well, and function as expected. All in all, these are great gloves that I would buy again." —Avid Wanderer

    Price: $44.19 (originally $59)

    29. A rollup blanket you can use on picnics, hikes, or days on the beach. Pack a lunch, get outside, and let the good times ~roll~!


    Promising review: "When I first saw these online I thought the price seemed a little high for what it was. I have a similar one I got for free but it was small and not very fun to use. The pocket is a great feature and also the ability to stake it down makes it much nicer. The material is really cool, when I saw it in person I was sold." —Mooha

    Price: $37.39 (originally $67.39)

    30. A headlamp that'll certainly feel a ~bright~ idea when your spelunking trip starts looking like the set of The Descent. No sub-human species is gonna get you with this bright light on! No ma'am!


    Promising review: "This is compact and bright. It's lightweight, versatile, and can be attached easily to any surfaces. It is easy to lose due to the small size, however (which is why I have purchased multiple).

    Price: $22.39 (originally $29.95)

    31. And finally, a pack of three Smartwool socks for introducing your little camper to some high-quality hiking gear even before their first steps.


    Price: $19.49 (available in two colors)

    Did you find what you were looking for? Check out the entire sale to make sure you don't miss out on your perfect piece of gear! And don't forget that members save 20% on one full-priced item and an extra 20% on one REI Outlet item with the code: GEARUP2019!

    When amateurs tell us we already have enough outdoor gear:


    Reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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