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    23 Products That May Trick You Into Loving Exercise

    It's game day...for your lackluster workout routine.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A balance board for working on your snowboarding, skateboarding, and general coordination while inside. Sure, it's good to social distance while you exercise, but the truth is you've gotta finish Bridgerton before your siblings spoil the ending. You're not leaving the TV anytime soon.

    2. An inflatable kayak sure to pack easily and make spontaneous lake adventures a lot easier. Have you been stuck in the city so long you think you might blow up? Blow off some steam with this inflatable gem instead.

    Inflatable kayak with attached seat in center

    3. A pair of weighted bangles that'll cause resistance and help strengthen your arms and legs, even if you just wear them around the house or while on a walk.

    4. An illustrated yoga mat – it's gonna give you something empowering AND pretty (two things can be true!) to stare at while you bend your body in ways you may feel like it ought not be bent.

    Abstract minimalist illustration of many different profiles of women on grippy yoga mat

    5. HIIT The Game — a blast of a "board game" for folks who know some friendly competition is the best way to up your rep game.

    6. A FILA Speed Rope sure to have you up and off the floor when you're so bored you think you might jump out of your skin.

    Person standing while holding extra thin jump rope

    7. A set of five exercise bands for beginners who want an intense workout without having to fill their spare bedroom with bulky equipment. These versatile bands are great for making simple workouts exhausting, fun, and effective.

    8. A reflex ball you can throw on whenever you don't mind looking a little dopey in front of your roommates during your workout. You're the funny one in the house for a reason. Gotta keep that title going strong!

    Person wearing headband with reflex ball attached, hitting it with boxing braces on. Four different ball options are shown in the front of the image.

    9. A box of activity dice available in fitness and yoga moves, so you won't have to bend over backwards to find a fun way to work out (unless the dice tell you to).

    10. A weighted fitness hoop that'll comfortably target your abs while improving your posture, all while tricking you into an intense core workout that only feels fun!

    Person in workout clothes holding weighted hoola hoop across shoulder

    11. A pair of dance pads connected to some *fab* YouTube classes — step onto these portable pads and get your core and lower body workout in with a truly unique ~twist~ to regular workouts.

    12. A pair of seamless, high-rise leggings for looking chic all day when your entire workout might end once you've put on your athleisure. Whew! Exhausting.

    Person stretching leg up in the air while wearing flexible leggings. Their belly button is covered and the leggings hit their ankles.

    13. A Stealth core trainer that's really and truly gonna trick you into loving exercise. This video game balancing board is gonna be your favorite entertainment when you're lying around and looking for something to do.

    14. An adjustable weighted jumprope for the cardio-curious who are ready to ~jump~ on a daily workout routine.

    Person jumping rope

    15. A racerback bra and high waisted leggings, because wearing an outfit that looks good *and* actually fits well is gonna make all the difference when you truly wanna have fun while working out. Get your hottie body out there and do crunches with confidence!

    16. A medicine ball for guaranteeing you have a ~ball~ during your daily workouts. This is designed with dimples for an easy grip, making it the perfect multi-use weight if you're looking for one tool to use in several ways.

    Two people sitting on the floor throwing a medicine ball to each other

    17. A cardio trampoline that'll give you an endorphin high with every single jump.

    Person jumping on small trampoline with springs covered

    18. An ab wheel that's gonna absolutely crush your crunches and make your abs ache in the most satisfying way possible. This is a really intense tool, but it's gonna make your workouts ~wheely~ fun from the start.

    19. A Spikeball set you can play at home or take with you on vacation. Don't let this blast of a party game fool you, it can give you a cardio workout your heart can hardly handle!

    20. A deck of gorgeous yoga pose cards with 60 yoga poses and five themed sequences to give beginners a grasp of what they're getting themselves into on their yoga the most artistic way possible.

    Illustrated cards with yoga poses, names, and info on back

    21. A desk peddle for anyone who believes in the beauty of multitasking. Who says you can't put the pedal to the metal while working through your 9-to-5?

    22. A hiking scratch-off poster that just might encourage homebodies to tell their couch-potato lifestyle to take a hike...and start sight-seeing in every state.

    Color poster with gold scratch off material hiding images of one hike from each state

    23. An exercise ball with resistance bands that'll probably be the most practical piece of furniture you could put in your home. A "chair" that works abs just by sitting on it? Sign me up for 12!

    Four images of people working out with the large ball and straps in different ways

    When you use one of these just to keep yourself entertained and end up having the workout of your life:

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