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    Just 48 Products That Truly Understood The Assignment

    These products are an A+ addition to your life.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A dandruff shampoo sure to work wonders as long as you aren't ~flaky~ about using it.

    reviewer with hair parted showing extreme dandruff near scalp
    the same reviewer with no dandruff after using product

    Promising review: "MIRACLE PRODUCT! If you have a flaky scalp from dandruff, BUY THIS. I was about to go to the dermatologist if this stuff didn’t work. Thank goodness I saved myself hundreds of dollars by giving this product a shot. I used it four of five times (over a month) and it cleared my scalp almost completely. One more use and my scalp will be 120% healed! This stuff blew my mind. Totally worth it." —Chris

    Get it from Amazon for $14.84 (also available in a conditioner). 

    2. A box of OxiClean stain remover that'll erase every accidental spill and stain even if your scrubbing power is rather subpar. 

    stained mattress
    same mattress with stain removed after use of product

    Promising review: "I had a stained mattress (pictured above) that I'd been covering with a mattress pad for years. As I was preparing for a move, I decided to give this a try and see if it could remove the stains that had been there for well over SEVEN YEARS. I honestly don't even remember what caused the stains, but it removed them! I honestly can't believe the results. I wish I'd done this sooner!" —Little Greek

    Get it from Amazon for $12.33.

    3. A wart removing gel you can use when you're tired of being a literal worry wart.

    reviewer with several warts on the bottom of their foot
    the same foot with no warts or scars after using product

    Promising review: "I had five awfully painful plantar warts on my foot for about four months. They were all about a 1/4 inch apart on the ball of my foot and I had a massive one under my second toe. It was becoming hard to walk with how painful they were. This was a Hail Mary and it worked phenomenally. The gel coats well right where you apply it. It doesn’t have an awful stench. I applied it every three to four days for a couple weeks. I noticed the pain was less and less until I didn’t notice any. Last night I was actually able to pull and peel the remains of the dead warts out!! Kinda gross, but kind of cool. Seriously, this product works. If you have annoying warts...this is the answer!!!" —CJ805

    Get it from Amazon for $7.93.

    4. A pack of pimple patches to blast away blemishes in the blink of an eye.

    Person with darker skin showing translucent sticker blending into skin tone
    closeup of sticker with zit goop on it

    Promising review: "OK, these things are truly miracle workers! They are now a staple in my medicine cabinet! I get really big, cysty pimples that are super deep and painful a couple times a month. IF I can not pick at them, which is a struggle if I'm honest, I can get them to go away in about three days with these patches and some inexpensive acne cream. I go through the larger sizes pretty fast because the patch needs to be a good bit bigger than the pimple to stick really well. You'll absolutely see visible reduction in size and get tremendous pain relief overnight. I would highly recommend!" —Courtney Maddox

    Get a 40-pack from Amazon for $7.64.

    5. A moisturizing cream from CeraVe for healing your dehydrated, chapped skin on a budget. Don't feel like you've gotta splurge on great skincare – this steal of a deal has the National Eczema Seal of Acceptance!

    Promising review: "I developed a dry, patchy area on the side of my mouth, but figured it was dry skin due to winter (pictured above). After a week it spread to my chin and other side of my mouth. I thought it would go away on its own but then three weeks passed. I tried moisturizers and coconut oil but nothing worked! I was frustrated and embarrassed by this patchy, scaley skin on my face! As a last-ditch effort I tried CeraVe and it worked! It was much better after two days! It's now a month later and it's still gone!" —Kathleen

    Get it from Amazon for $17.78.

    6. A face mask set that'll make your skin so soft, you won't be able to help but feel ~dead~ inside when you think of all the years you've gone without this magic in your skincare routine.

    reviewer with the zombie looking mask drying on their face
    reviewer's face clear and clean after use

    Promising review: "This was definitely an interesting experience and I am highly satisfied with the results! After the treatment, the wrinkles at the corner of my eye and mouth are immensely decreased in depth, as well as my under eye. My skin felt so soft and smooth and my pores were tiny!" —Angiechantae

    Get it from Amazon for $18.90.

    7. A bug remover for anyone who is ~bugged~ by the number of critters that end up creating crud on their car's perfect paint job.

    Promising review: "This item was recommended by a stranger in the next RV lot at a campground hundreds of miles from home. This good Samaritan brought his bottle over, sprayed down the front of my bus, and then just wiped half an inch of smashed bugs off it! Just like magic. He then smiled, shook my hand, and left. When we got within two days of home, we ordered this, and it was delivered the day after we arrived. Again, it worked just like magic." —Hikes in Rain

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

    8. A bottle of makeup brush shampoo so you can stop making your skin dirty when tryn'a look fresh. 

    Reviewer holding brushes like a floral bouquet, showing the dark splotches of makeup and gray, brown, and tan bristles
    The same brushes after being washed, now in completely different shades, pink, orange, and red

    Promising review: "Well, I can happily say that this cleaner does a bang-up job! My brushes were saturated with old color, to the point that I thought I might need to spring for a new set. Aside from just looking bad, though, all that old color was probably affecting pigment and application any time I used them. A little of this cleaner, a handful of seconds working it in and rinsing, and my brushes look practically as good as the day I bought them! Saved me a ton of money in new brushes, and it didn't take away from my being-lazy time!" —ysar

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    9. A bumper sticker remover – attach this to a drill to easily remove bumper stickers that have seen better days.

    Promising review: "Bought a used car to get back and forth to work. Only problem being the back was covered in bumper stickers. Eleven to be exact. I don't like bumper stickers. At all. This removed all of them in 25–30 minutes total no problem. Still has probably half the wheel left so I stuck it in my garage toolbox in case I need to eradicate any bumper stickers in the future." —PrestidgeSouthside

    Get one on Amazon for $18.99.

    10. A bottle of Goo Gone that can quickly remove dreaded tape residue and unwanted sticky stains.

    window with sticker residue
    same window with residue cleaned off

    Promising review: "This stuff is amazing. So far, I have used it to remove heavy adhesive from a tile floor where we had previously had a cover for a wire running across the area. I applied Goo Gone, scraped the majority of the adhesive and fibers off, then wiped off the remaining residue with a paper towel. I also used it to clean grease off wood veneer cabinets using a paper towel, and it was so effortless! We have a microwave above the stove, and I also used Goo Gone to clean grease from the exhaust vents, which was so much easier than ever before." —Cass

    Get a bottle on Amazon for $7.54.

    11. tongue scraper, because cleaning your tongue is an important part of oral hygiene — use this to take off all that bacteri-yuck.

    Reviewer with brownish tongue from buildup
    Clean tongue after use

    Promising review: "Unfortunately I, like many, suffer from bad breath and have tried so many things to stop it. I read that sometimes it's the germs on your tongue that can cause it, so I went crazy trying to brush my tongue. Of course we all know how that ends — gagging, watery eyes, and it still looks like that gross film is on your tongue. I finally decided that maybe it was time to get a tongue cleaner and it had to be a stainless steel one because they are easier to clean and sterilize. This product is really easy to use and I can get very far back on my tongue without activating my gag reflex. Also, it doesn't have the feeling like brushing with a toothbrush does. This cleaner just glides across my tongue, taking all the icky germs and bad breath with it. I love my nice new fresh breath and bolster of confidence!" —jordanb

    Get it from Amazon for $13.55.

    12. A nontoxic leather conditioner that'll bring your beloved leather reading chair back to life. All you need is a thin spread of this spiffy conditioner and you''ll be g2g! Now, what page did you leave off on?

    Reviewer before image of a dull brown leather armchair
    Reviewer after image of a rejuvenated and bright brown leather armchair

    Promising review: "I use this for my everyday boots as well as my dress shoes. I'm not always gentle with my boots and I thought I had ruined them the other day (worn out color, scuffs all over), but I cleaned the muck off, gave them a brushing, then applied this leather honey and after letting it sit, my boots look almost like the day I bought them! It keeps the leather supple and restores color. You only need to use a small amount per use!" —David Horning

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in three sizes).

    13. A set of thick velvet slip covers for turning your hand-me-down furniture into a piece worthy of your Instagram persona's perfect aesthetic.

    Reviewer's old gray sofas before
    The same sofas covered in the pink velvet

    FYI, each piece has straps to make sure they don't slip around when you sit.

    Promising review: "I have never been so excited about a slipcover. Total transformation of our couch and love seat. I was worried about it not working on our leather couch, but it stays on really well due to the straps and the separate cushion covers. LOVE." —Brian/Liz

    Get it from Amazon for $43.49 (available in sizes S–XL and 10 colors).

    14. A scar cream sure to soothe the awful scrapes and cuts on the daredevil in your life who refuses to cut it out with the dangerous activities.

    reviewer with fresh scar
    same scar looking better after use

    Promising review: "So far so good!! I had an ankle surgery as well as Achilles lengthening almost three weeks ago and I got my splint off week two. After the scab healed up I just started using only this and I have to say I am IMPRESSED! Way more than I thought I’d be. It’s only been a week and it’s healed so much (pictured above)! I can’t wait to see what it will looks like weeks to come." —Rachel Nguyen

    Get it from Amazon for $16.37.

    15. An O'Keeffe's hand cream that'll make your skin so smooth, you might forget you once had hands as dry as your humor.

    reviewer with dry, cracked hand
    the same reviewer's hand after using the product, now smooth with no visible dryness

    Promising review: "Does this product need another five-star review? Nope. But I had to. This is truly a miracle product!! I have the driest skin in the winter. To the point I will look down at my hands to notice they are bleeding from all the various cracks. This product made a major difference after just one using! Here I am weeks later and my hands have no cracks, look younger and are no longer red. Can O'Keeffe's fix potholes too!?!" —P. Neuber

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    16. And a bottle of nail and cuticle care oil for strengthening your nails if getting another broken nail from all those gel manis might be the final your coffin.

    Promising review: "I had peeling, weak nails for years. Tried everything. I bought this in February. This size bottle lasted a bit more than a month religiously applying it two to three times a day. I was really seeing great improvement so I bought another bottle in late March. By May, all the peeling had grown out and my nails were getting stronger every day. I then bought the big four-ounce refill bottle because I never want to run out of it again! Cannot recommend this stuff enough!" —Diana

    Get it from Amazon for $8.50.

    17. A tattoo aftercare salve that'll make both colored and monochrome tattoos look out of this world lovely. This soothes, protects, and enhances the look of your ink, both fresh and faded.  

    my arm in colored tattoos highlighted with the product
    reviewer before and after with gray line tattoo looking darker and more defined with use of product
    Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed,

    I use Mad Rabbit products on my own tattoos. Every product is vegan and cruelty-free (making it great on sensitive skin). I've recommended it to all my friends with tattoos. The soothing gel is lightweight and calming, the sunscreen is effective without feeling heavy, and the balm makes tattoos look gorgeous (my arm pictured above, left). I'm truly surprised by how well color pops with this stuff! 

    Mad Rabbit was found by college friends Oliver Zak and Selom Agbitor after seeing a gap in the market for all-natural products to heal, protect and enhance tattoos. They pitched their tattoo salve in season 12 of Shark Tank.

    Promising review: "Product was awesome. It rejuvenated a five-year-old tattoo and made it look like new again. Mad Rabbit absorbed into the skin very easily without being greasy." —Janson Ward

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99 (available in three scents). 

    18. A pressure washer so you no longer have to be awash in grief over a dull and dreary patio or fence. With this, patio furniture and other backyard basics can look brand new. In fact, it's just a spray away!

    It even comes with five spray tips to help you attack light to heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

    Promising review: "This little guy is a game-changer. It is so quiet, and so powerful. I was extremely skeptical about buying such a small, not to mention, electric pressure washer because I've only used gas pressure washers in the past. Well, I moved into my house last year, and started to wash this driveway off with a friend's gas pressure washer and decided it was not worth the time because it was not getting very much of the grime/dirt off. Well, look at what this thing did. This home is near the beach and flooded in Katrina, and probably hasn't ever been pressure washed. This thing worked flawlessly. I can't say enough good things about this purchase. Would buy again with confidence." —James G.

    Get it from Amazon for $169.

    19. A hyaluronic acid serum – it's gonna save your dry skin with its *intense* hydrating properties that improve a dry complexion's softness, smoothness, and ability to retain moisture. I feel soothed just thinking about it.

    Gif of oil bottle with frame coming in and out of view
    Reviewer with bumpy, dry forehead smooth after use

    Promising review: "I've used several different kinds of serums for my face and this is my favorite so far. I use it right after my bath when my pores are open from the hot water and then apply my moisturizer right on top of it. My face normally gets very dry in the winter, but since I began using this serum it has been a lot better. It seemed like such a tiny bottle when I got it, but a little bit of this stuff goes a long way. I've been using it for several months now and still have half a bottle left." —Michelle

    Get it from Amazon for $10.36+ (available in four sizes).

    20. A rust-removing gel spray – this stuff makes cleaning so easy, you're sure to wish you could use it on the ~rust~ of your chores too.

    rust from leaky bathtub faucet
    rust removed from same faucet

    Promising review: "We have a VERY high iron concentration in our well water at home and it ends up slowly turning our shower, sink, and toilet a deep orange color over time. Have tried a ton of products to try to fix this issue but nothing works nearly as well as this product. Smells absolutely terrible but works AMAZING. A few spritzes of this and you can watch the orange dissolve away before your eyes. I use this formula for the sink and inside of the shower and use the powder formula for inside the toilet as that seems to work better there. As stated earlier, the smell is awful and lingers until you rinse everything down so definitely have windows open when using this product." —Samantha

    Get it from Amazon for $4.97.